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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Iqra TV Debate on Blasphemy Law with Qadiani, Christian and Muslim

On Sunday 19th December 2010 Wilson Chowdhry was invited to appear on Muslim Channel Iqra TV to discuss the Blasphemy Law and in particular the situation surrounding Aasia Bibi. Reverend Napoleon John also featured and we were grateful that our Muslim Brothers in the UK were willing to discuss such divisive and important topics in such a frank manner.

Here is a link to the live programme:

After the interview we received the following comments form a member of the UK Ahmadi Community:

"Brother Wilson,

Assalamu Alaikum.

I saw you on the Iqra TV discussion programme on the subject of blasphemy and was impressed by your contributions. As an Ahmadi Muslim myself, I was ashamed by the poor responses of the host and his main guest to some of your points regarding the Prophet Muhammad's clemency and believe you came across as far more sane and reasonable!

It was a shame there was no Ahmadi representative on the show but from previous experience we know we would not have been given 'fairtime' as there is a lot of antagonism towards our community, as I'm sure you're well aware.

Like all Ahmadis I'm also fully aware of the plight of our Christian brethren in Pakistan and the immense suffering they have been going through.

You were right when you said in the programme that there is no clash between Islam and Christianity and I thought I'd share a piece I wrote recently regarding the Qur'an burning threat from an American church. As it is only accessible behind the Times' paywall site, I have attached a copy."

Here is a link to his article:

Our extreme thanks go to Iqra TV for the opportunity to speak on their show, the team in particular the lead figure Rayaz Ahmed have shown themselves to be honest and open to frank discussion. Wilson was cut off when speaking about the Prophet Mohammed's clemency as the matter had been discussed in a previous show. I appreciate the comments form our Ahmaddiya brother but I feel it is fair to highlight the exemplary commitment to working towards a better Pakistan exhibited by Iqra TV.

It is rare for Christians to be interviewed by Muslim channels and debates such as these provide an avenue for increased understanding of one anothers, faith, cultures and difficulties.

Brother Waqar is entitled to his views and we have placed the comment and article on our blog to stimulate constructive debate amongst faiths - much like the Iqra TV show has done.


  1. Please see an example of previous invitations made towards members of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya organisation on IQRA TV

    Also they were invited on this show by the same host who invited yourself and until the last minute when they found out an ex-member of their cult was also appearing they refused. All emails are shown in the video @7:00

    please also refer to this video which shows the deception of the Ahmadiyya cult who Insult Abuse & hate Jesus Christ PBUH:


  2. For the record I will clear the deception of this member of the Ahmadiyya Cult.

    IQRA TV has invited the Ahmadiyya cult on many occassions. A member of the Cult was first invited mid october 2009 and was given more than his fair share to discuss his beliefs:

    Dr Basharat Nazir was invited on the same show as yourself was also invited by the same host Mr Rayaz Ahmed to discuss the Lahore attacks in june. Dr Nazir agrees untill the last hour when he found out that the other guest who would also be attending was a former member of his cult. If you watch this clip @7:00 the emails are provided in the clip:

    The Qadiani Ahmadiyya Cult are extremely deceitful and will say anything to gain any person on their side. I ask all Christians how can you side with those who SWORE at Jesus Christ PBUH and his Mother?


  3. It is disconcerting to note that the show is itself called 'Exposing the Cult', the hosts refer to Ahmadi Muslims as a 'cult' and also employ derogatory terms like 'Qadiani' and 'Mirzai' (words clearly intended to offend). This calls into question the sincerity and impartiality of such programmes.

    The outrageous, false accusations such as the alleged insult to Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of many accusations that are repeatedly made to spread hatred against the community. For the record, such charges have been answered already in the following work:

    It is sad that there is so much effort spent on such non-issues when there are so many other real issues to be dealt with - such as Pakistan's blasphemy laws, under which both Christians and Ahmadi Muslims - and indeed other minorities - are suffering. Such laws have no Islamic basis whatsoever. We would urge all good Muslims to speak up for the rights of all faiths and for freedom of religion. This is the Islam that we Ahmadi Muslims believe in and follow, if others do not adhere to such principles then they need to show how their beliefs are in line with the clear Qur'anic injunction that 'there should be no compulsion in religion' (2:257)

  4. Hi Ahmad,

    The show was called "The Hour" and I was invited to speak about the Blasphemy Law. I assure you I would not have appeared on a show termed exposing the cult. Please do continue the debate and feel free to respond to any ensuing comments. This is an opportunity for all our faiths to learn more about each other.

  5. Yes that's correct Wilson. However programmes like the one about the Lahore attacks (which 'ahmadiyyacult' pasted a Youtube link about) were billed as such. Quite insensitive to say the least when the discussion was in the context of the mindless massacre of almost 100 Ahmadis. When there is such a lack of basic human decency shown to a community that had just suffered one of the most barbaric attacks in Pakistan's history, you can understand Ahmadi concerns about appearing on such shows. It also reflects poorly on channels like Iqra and merely exposes their real intentions.

    We very much hope comments here remain focused on the central issue of the blasphemy law and how such draconian legislation can be justified on the basis of both religion and reason.

  6. It is every person's right to preach, convert, apostacise, etc. Ahmaddiyas are treated shamefully in Pakistan. I don't actually agree with their views but that shouldn't compromise their right to believe as they wish. Disagreement in a civilised and mature society is aired, even if not necessarily resolved, through discussion and debate. Muzzling, silencing and mere tokenism under the guise of "free" discussion are distasteful and make everyone look stupid.

  7. why do qadiani cult members come in disguise of other religions? some time they pretend to be sikhs, hindus. muslims and christians?
    Perhaps that part of their religious beliefe to deceive peole.. o well! never mind,i believe sikhs are better than qadianis becaue atleast they have their own identity and name for their religion and their own scripture garanths sahib jee'' qadianis just stole everything from muslims and followed this some new prpophet from a punjabi pind qadian who had nothing to do with islam.
    They're Identity theives.
    We call him paindu jesus.

  8. You know it really amazed my how members of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya Cult criticize us Muslims but yet never utter a word to their senior cult members! Your uncle Basharat Nazir was invited to a special show regarding the lahore attacks which he agreed to until the LAST HOUR!
    Why should Mr akshaikh and Mr rayaz ahmed discuss the lahore agenda for ONE WHOLE HOUR when your people can't even be bothered to turn up?

    They openly condemned the lahore incident (if you think thats a massacre your should really look at what goes on in Palestine EVERYDAY!) and discussed other issues about your cult.

    Now regarding the so called derogative term of being called a QADIANI. With so much disunity amongst yourselves and their being several Cults which started in the name of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Muslims call you Qadianis so others understand which Cult we are talking about!

    Here is a list of vairous Ahmadiyya Cults

    There is no ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE for the tirade made by your founding Cult father Mirza Qadiani against Hazrat Jesus Christ Pbuh!

    and finally here is the reason why the Ahmadiyya are a cult:

  9. This idea of "stealing" is ridiculous. It reminds me of claims by Afrocentric pseudo-scholarship in America that the Greeks stole civilisation from the Egyptians. Ideas are not based on just the sacred text especially in pre-modern societies where literacy is the preserve of the few. Hence religious practice evolves and developes. How else can one explain how Malkana Rajputs fit neither into categories of "Hindu" and ""Muslim", Udasis aren't easily classifiable as "Sikh" or "Hindu", while Mazdeans from Iraq follow John the Baptist and not Jesus. These examples have their own authentic traditions. Our modernist thinking with its monist myopia would however categorise them as some sorts of "hybrid"!

  10. At times a late apology is unavoidable. There is a difference between a genuine difficulty to attend a show, and simply avoiding one.

    The point made earlier still stands though - what neutrality is guaranteed on a programme billed as 'Truth Unveiled - Exposing the Cult'? The content and tone of Iqra shows where Ahmadiyyat has been the focus clearly expose only the mischievous motives of the producers, presenters and certain 'guests'.

    The ridiculous assertion that the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jama'at insulted Jesus has already been addressed - kindly take time to read the work I referred to previously.

    It is better to spend your time and use this platform to try to inspire me and others reading these posts what shining trait there is in you that should attract me towards your 'Islam', rather than hurl cheap abuse on a man whom the Holy Prophet (saw) instructed the ummah to accept and follow.