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Monday, 5 December 2011

2 Christian women beaten by land grabbing ex-military aggressors!

A Watson Gill from Global Christian Voice informs us of another land grabbing attack on innocent Christians.

A retired military official beat  three Christian woman and fired at a number of Christian "samaritans" who attempted to save the victims from undue punishment.

It is alleged that a gang of Police officers from Kot Sarwer Shaheed Police station, led by Inspector Muhammad Arif along with armed retired senior military officers, attacked the house of a Mr Nazeer Masih in Kot Adu area . 

They took possession of their adjoining land and told the Christian family to vacate the land immediately.  

Nazeer Masih his wife Martha Masih and his daughter in law Nasreen Bibi refused to leave the land, which was in their official ownership and had been cultivated by them since 1976. 

Martha Masih 40, said “We have been living here for 35 years and we made this land ripe, how could we just leave?” 

This question angered the usurping gang  who attacked vehemently with clubs, batons and punched the helpless woman . 

One retired Army officer beat Nasreem Masih very badly inflicting serious wounds around her eye.

The victims family said "the government doesn’t care about us , we have shown all legal documentation to land registry."

At least 750 Christian families have lived in Mauza Azizabad area.    The government gave them ownership of the land and properties in the Area.

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  1. May God bless Nazeer and Martha Masih. It is awful what Christian must suffer today in Muslim countries but the final victory is ours. I wish we could help this family.