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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pakistani Journalist's receive payments in property, for good behaviour!

I have found footage of some reportage, describing illegal bribes to lead journalists by Pakistan's government.  

See the video here (Urdu Only):

The media group responsible have written a short summary of the report:

Government has rented out abandoned property at prime locations in Lahore to journalists at extremely low rates. The beneficiaries also include some big names of journalism. In this episode of Apna Gareban, Matiullah Jan exposes the names of these journalists and tries to talk to them, but unfortunately most of them refused to talk and give their side of the story. 

Guests: Syed Asif Hashmi (Chairman, Evacuee Trust Board), Haris Marghoob (Senior Journalist), Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Shami (Senior Journalist), Rizwan Razi (Senior Journalist), Tanvir Shahzad (Freelance Journalist). Ex-ETPB chief flees country with Rs 3bn in pocket By MAK Lodhi Aug 23rd, 2002 

LAHORE: Lt Gen (retd) Javed Nasir, former chairman of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) and once an ISI chief, has fled the country Pakistan after devouring an estimated sum of Rs 3 billion through sale of precious ETPB lands at rock bottom prices and financial bungling in the board's buildings in Islamabad.
The ex-chairman relinquished his charge on July 16, 2001, as he was not accorded extension in service. Since then, files containing record of his corruption have been rotting in the cupboards of the ministry of religious affairs and NAB. 

Out of about 20 land deals, The News probed eight huge ones. About five kanals and 16 marlas of land known as RGA factory on main Ferozepur Road, Lahore was sold for Rs 348,000 while the land is worth Rs 45 million in the market. About 23 acres of prime land located in Malir Karachi were sold to a private builder and property developer at Rs 5.60 million at the rate of Rs 61 per square yard. The market value of the land is estimated to be Rs 267 million at the rate of Rs 2,900 per sq yd. Another 916 kanals at Bhaikot, Lahore, were allotted to eleven different persons during Gen Javed Nasir's last three days in the office, causing a loss of Rs 243 million. Another big chunk of 48 kanals of land located on the main Super Highway, Karachi was sold to Nazi (pvt) Ltd for Rs 48 million at Rs 2000 per sq yd. The land is worth Rs 240 million and could easily sell at Rs 10,000 per sq yd. Incidentally, the company was already ETPB defaulter. 

Another 100 kanals of prime land located on Raiwind Road, Lahore, WERE sold for Rs 46 million at Rs 460,000 per kanal against its market value of Rs 90 million. It was sold without holding open auction. After its allotment, the same land was re-sold at double the price. Another prized land piece of 38.18 kanals located at Tulspura (near Baghbanpura), close of Lahore canal, was sold at Rs 4.86 million at the rate of Rs 6,240 per marla. The market value of the land is said to be Rs 31.12 million at the rate of Rs 40,000 per marla. To sell the land to Mohammad Nadeem, was was declared that open auction brought no customer. 

One of the most luring sites was 167 kanals of land located between the new Lahore Airport and Defence Housing Society. It was sold for Rs 8.01 million at the rate of Rs 48,000 per kanal. The land holds excellent commercial prospects and can be developed and sold at even higher rates. At the time of its disposal, the land carried a market value of Rs 91.85 million. The ex-Chairman also leased PASSCO Godown on Maulana Ahmed Ali Road, Qila Lakhsman Singh, Lahore to a low bidder at Rs 1.0 million. The highest bid announced was at Rs 2.5 million but it was arbitrarily rejected by the chairman. The matter was brought to the notice of the federal government and an inquiry was ordered. Occupants of the land were paid Rs 1 million for vacating the place to hush up the matter. A price gap of Rs 1 billion occurs in the sale of only eight deals. Other deals include six kanals and seven kanals at Lidher, Lahore Cantt. 

At Mota Singhwala, Lahore, the ex-Chairman sold 96 kanals to one party, 90 to second and 100 kanals to third party. A number of other precious properties were sold out at throw-away prices in Multan, Rawalpindi and Peshawar also. Huge financial bunglings were carried out by relaxing contractual obligations for building ETPB Complex and Trust Plaza in Islamabad.

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