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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christian dormitory in Faisalabad Prison!

The District Jail of Faisalabad opened it's first Christian barracks on Monday 5th December 2011.  Chief guest Rana Sana Ullah officially opened the new barrack in the presence of; Rev. Samson Javed ( Executive Secretary PBCI Board of Directors), MNA Malik Nawaz, Rana Raza Ullah Khan (Superintendent District Jail) and Kahwja Islam MPA.

The project was conceptualised by Rev Samson Javed who became disturbed after regular prison visits to sentenced Christians made him aware of overcrowding and cramped conditions.  Christian prisoners in particular, were being bullied by other felons and were prevented from accessing, appropriate sleeping areas.  Rev Javed became aware of a number of Christians who adopted Islam to avoid persecution.  

The new dorm separates Christians, many of who are falsely sentenced or incarcerated due to mounting debt   within Pakistan's feudal system.  Moreover it is located next to a purpose built chapel that enables Christians to practice their faith unhindered.

This scheme is ground-breaking and deserves great credit and I call on Christians to pray for the success of Rev Javed's group and these projects in particular.

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