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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Emergency Prayer request- Pakistani Christian faces false trial for desecration of Quran Tomorrow!

Today an innocent 25-year-old Christian worker called Khurram Masih has been arrested under false blasphemy charges.  Mr Masih is a resident  Qazi, near Lahore (in Punjab), and is a newly wed of only 2 months.  He was working at the residence of the Muslim Abdul Majeed hired as a professional mason. 

Last night, after work, Masih burned pieces of wood and paper, basically waste material. The owner Abdul Majeed, saw the fire and began to cry out that Khurram Masih had ripped and burned parts of the Koran. 

Other Muslim workers apprehended Mr Masih and escorted him to the local police station. Abdul Majeed filed a complaint for blasphemy against Khurram, which was oficially registered this morning with the First Information Report No. 1112/11 for the violation of article 295b of the Pakistan Penal Code (Quran desecration).

Many religious leaders and human rights activists tried to intervene on behalf of Khurram Masih, but to no avail.  Khurram remains in custody and will appear before a court tomorrow. 

Extremist groups have staged demonstrations, announcing that "a Christian has desecrated the Koran and must be punished".

The BPCA is concerned about the safety of this prisoner who will no doubt suffer prison torture and community retribution if freed.  We call for the Police authority of Pakistan to protect this innocent man from any danger and for a fair trial to proceed.  

We also call for prayer for this situation, that it might not escalate into another innocent attack on persecuted Christians.  Pray for swift justice and a safe future for Khurram.


  1. Oh Lord my God have mercy on this young man that he will unit with his family before Christmas,that Khurrm will trust you,he will know you are in control of his situation be with him in special way Lord.

  2. Is there no way of examining the burnt paper to see what was burnt? Surely this case could easily be proved one way or another.If the burnt paper no longer exists, then Khurram must be presumed innocent until proved guilty - at least so it would be in any reasonably just court.

  3. God is our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1. Heavenly father I pray in the most precious name of your Jesus Christ to deliver our brother Khurram Masih from the hands of the false and cruel ones. Dear brothers and sisters of Pakistan, we are with you in prayer. May God bless your boldness to testify the name of the Lord more vigorously against all oppositions and falsehood. Babubhai

  4. May God bless him. I will make phone call to Pakistani Government and ask for release of Asia Bibi and Masih. We all need to do that. Here is the number for Pakistani government:
    92519204801 or 92519214171. I tried last year and it worked, I am planning to call again this year because Christmas is coming. They need to hear from us. There is a also mail that can be used. Pease see below: