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Monday, 26 December 2011

Long live the Queen!

The BPCA would like to draw readers attention to Her Majesty's Speech this year, in which she not only does the usual reporting on the year for her family, but also preaches the gospel

Let us not forget to obey the command of the gospel - to preach the gospel and pray for those who rule over us. And wherever we are, let us pray for her Majesty and her family, that God would bless and keep her. Amen


  1. Good article telling the plight of Christians in the Sub- Continent. In India the Churches are scorched and burned down. We must condemn India for not protecting its minorities, Whether Shiks, Muslims, Bhudhists or the Christians. They are all treated like Shudras -the low caste Hindus. The Religious and communal riots are the manifestations and evidence of such atrocious treatment of minorities. Bible and other Holy Books teaches us to treat all human beings as equals. Human life is a trust of God given to us mortals. It must be protected at all costs.

    Any transgression should be brought to book. And justice be done, irrespective of the fact , who they are, and what is their Station or Position in life /

    Javaid Bashir
    Bedford ,NH, USA.

    1. lol you know nothing about india. crap happens and has happened. but even then we are better of than all you christians in pak and other muslim countries. i have more hindu friends who treat me well than you can ever dream of. i have all the rights that anyone in the country has. ive never been discriminated against. yes there are fanatics but more than christians our hindu brothers fight them. go spread lies somewhere else

  2. I would agree with the Indian Christian living outside in both nations. Generally, the dialogue of india is more secular and although there are cases against minorities its not to the scale of Pakistan. I don't think any nation is to the scale of Pakistan to date. The mindset of the muslims in India is totally different than the muslims in Pakistan. (hate programs)