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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Good news from our brothers in Bangladesh! If we work together anything is possible!

Guest writes James Peris provides good news about Bangladesh:

Under the provisions of the emergency power and defence of Pakistan rules(DPR), the government of Pakistan passed an executive order on September 9, 1965 named Enemy Property order II of 1965”. This law was made against the Hindus those who left Pakistan for India. When they left the country, they left all of their properties behind . The government made the act to confiscate their properties to considering them as they are enemy of the country. This was not the end of the story. The act became an weapon of Muslims of Bangladesh later on to use it against all the religious minorities to grab their lands. But present government, the ruling party, Bangladesh Awami League abolished the act in the Parliament on Monday 28th of November 2011.

The present ruling party Bangladesh Awami League believe in Secularism. When they fought against Pakistan for the freedom they had four main principles what we say founding philosophy of our Independence are- Democracy, Secularism, Socialism and Bengali Nationality. This is why all the minorities  vote for Awami League without any question. They haven’t got any other choice. This is why BNP(pro-Islamic party) and Jamat-E- Islami don’t like us.

After the parliamentary election of 2001 when Bangladesh Awami League was defeated and BNP- Jamat leaders and activists started attacking and looting the houses of minorities. They killed many minorities, raped their girls, women even open on the street. Thousands of Hindus left Bangladesh and fled to India. It continued months. Before 2001 Christians of Bangladesh have never faced a such terrible persecution in the history of that land. It could have been worse if all the minorities of Bangladesh didn’t unite in home and abroad. Not only the minorities, we also worked with progressive Muslim side by side. Even many Muslims died to protect us in there like Suleman Tasir in Pakistan.

We worked together until we succeeded. Finally the BNP-Jamat regime had fallen and Grand Alliance(Awami League and some other parties) made a landslide victory in election 2009. The ruling party is trying their best to act like a progressive party and this is why the Home- Minister advocate Sahara Khatun declared on 01/12/11 that those who are responsible of attacking, looting, killing and raping women of minorities after election 2001, will face trial. A commission was formed before ,called justice Shahabuddin Chnnu who made already a report and government will follow the report.

This is no doubt about it that it is a great achievement for the all minorities of Bangladesh. It has happened and still many things to happen, because Minorities of Bangladesh working hard home and abroad.
Our elders founded an organisation in 1988 when Islam was declared as the state religion of Bangladesh, is called Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council. We are working under this umbrella together, and we won’t stop until the end.

James Swapan Peris
President, The Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, European Committee.

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