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Friday, 3 June 2011

Asia Bibi is in good health but her family requires more support.

Many of our readers have requested an update on Asia Bibi the brave woman of strong faith who has become an emblem for the freedom, equality and justice movement of Pakistan.  Asia is a mother of 5 children one  is disabled (pictured above) who has been incarcerated for 2 years on concocted Blasphemy charges.  Asia has not seen her children during this time due to the potential threat to their safety.

Working with partners in Pakistan in particular a group called "Minority Coverage Foundation" (MCF) in Lahore, we have been able to obtain as full a report as possible at this stage.  Learn more about Asia Bibi's imprisonment:

MCF's  President Emanuel Gulzar responded to a number of questions we put before him, he commented;

"Asia in in good health, she believes God will save her but has stated that she will have no remorse if her life is taken in God's name."

Mr Gulzar confirmed that an appeal is lodged but could not provide any details regarding any date for a hearing.  The BPCA is aware that such appeals can be left pending for many years, due to a massive back log.  We call on Christians across the globe to pray for expediency in the process of allocating a hearing date.

In a frank statement Mr Gulzar has stated that in the early period many local people and organisations offered help and support to the family of Asia.  He believes that the assistance has reduced significantly and has insinuated that fear of reprisals has been the trigger. 

Mr Gulzar is aware that they have been moving around form place to place for both security reasons, and due to a lack of a funded secure home.

It would seem that there is a need for support for this family we are reopening our fund to help this family.  We shall use MCF as a conduit for support for the family and would like to contribute towards the daily upkeep of the family.  

MCF are a government registered (Pakistan) non-profit organisation and we will be seeking a clear audit trail for any funds provided to them.  I will as a consequence of any funds obtained, be contacting the husband of Asia Bibi (Ashiq Masih) through MCF with intent to confirm that funds are being used appropriately and to keep up to date with the family's well being. We have spoken with the husband before and are in contact with a number of groups who can validate the authenticity of calls with Ashiq Masih.

If you would like to contribute please use the details contained within our website appeals page:

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  1. Hi Wilson,
    That's great. In this way people can help Asia Bibi's family in a practical way.