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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mob of 2500 fanatics forced Police to use decoy to save an innocent Christian, who simply saved 8 year old nephew from blasphemy attack!

A 26 year old man has suffered a physical attack and is in under Police protection after a false blasphemy charge has been laid against him.  The incident occurred June 10th at a place called Khanewal near Miah Channu.

26 year old father of two Dildar Masih ran to the rescue of his 8 year old nephew who was being beaten by a group of Muslim youths for not reading  Kalma Tayyaba Islam's foremost proclamations of Muhammed as a prophet Compass Direct reported.

Dildar simply stopped the attack and rebuked the boys for trying to force his Nephew Itisham into renouncing his own faith.  Dildar was later accused by  a local Muslim prayer leader of blaspheming during the incident which he claimed to have seen from the Mosque entrance near the site of the altercation.  The same Prayer leader Qari Husnain fomented hatred by contacting local clerics and calling for action against the blasphemer.

Dildar Masih has suffered attack and has been taken into police custody the Christian community in which he lives have now fled their homes after local mosques called for revenge against the blasphemy.

Compass Dierect provides a full report below please click the link below:

It would seem thus far that the Police have acted professionally and even saved his life by purportedly sending out a false decoy vehicle in which they stated that Dildar Masih had been removed to another city.  We must pray for their continuing strength in the face of much provocation and threat.

Dildar is said to be safe and well but incidents like this continue create loss, pain and suffering for innocent victims in Pakistan.  We urge readers of this post to join us for our protest on the 2nd July so that we can raise issues such as these and others on a much larger platform.  The rule of law is overcome by religious, economic and political elites who are able to subvert  justice and promote their own agenda.  Pakistan must be made to adhere to the international human rights conventions that it has subscribed to.

If you are not able to make the protest please pray for a successful event.

Please pray for peace to be restored to this city and the safe return of the fleeing families to their homes and businesses without loss.


  1. It breaks my heart to hear that a child has been a victim of such a horrific experience.
    However i must also add that I would never have heard of this incident if Wilson had not emailed me.

    Wilson you and your family will always be covered by the blood of Christ. You are in my prayers. Please continue your work.

  2. Yes I will pray because I cannot join you physically but my spirit will be with you. Are we not one body in the Lord and this is our Christian duty and concern to fight for God's rights because when we are indifferent to the abuse faced of the persecuted church, then we are not honouring God.
    God bless you and the protest march.

  3. Hi Wilson,
    Reading all the tragedy befalling in Pakistan, my flesh says where is God but my spirit lifts my soul up to look at Jesus. He is there. He has suffered the worst. He has been abandoned by His Father to die for our sins but He is forever with us if we are really His.
    In the face of persecution, don't give up. Our kingdom is not of this world. To die for Him is gain. We need to grow up our children that death can separate all of us but to die for Christ is worth it.
    But the free church needs to fight ceaselessly for the persecuted church. It's a sin if we don't.
    We crown Him with many crowns.
    He never leaves us. This is His promise.

  4. It is so sad that the Muslim clerics do not seek truth, they just want to look good.