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Friday, 3 June 2011

BPCA Flood Appeal food distribution

Food parcels were given to desperate families.

10 kg Chappati flour, 2 kilo sugar, 1 packet of tea bags, 1 pack of cooking oil, 1 Kilo Channa Dahl (Chick peas) were provided to needy flood victims.

Chairs were provided for tired food collectors where available.

This lady carried her packages by the only means available to her.

Visitors came from near and far to obtain food packages. Juliet was concerned about how the residents where going to transport their goods back home.  However, our limited funds would not allow transport to individual villages. 

This man obtained his food after a short trip to one of the villages that were visited. In the background you can see the type of temporary dwellings that many people are living in.  Moreover the dangerous electrical cabling providing lighting to the makeshift home creates a significant health risk.

Juliet's father transferring the food to a flood victim.

Our food packages were promoted in local inundation affected Christian communities around the Shahdra district near Lahore.  However, those of a non-Christian background were invited to obtain food parcels and we are aware of a number of practitioners of other faiths that collected items.

People living in flood hit areas are still suffering form food shortages, many have lost their businesses and incomes. Christians have told us they are still being prevented from attaining food and other aid packages by residents of Muslim communities who deem them to be untouchables. Other's have spoken openly of the attempts to forcibly convert Christians to Islam, by the use of food as a lever for conversion.

This community and those living in other flood affected areas require desperate help.   We are planning a follow up visit to Pakistan sometime in December.  We are still collecting funds for the victims of a natural disaster that is now reported as the worst in Pakistan's history. If you would like to contribute please utilise the payment options indicted on the appeals page of our website.  We have created a link below:

We would like to thank the local church for the free use of their hall. We would also like to thank the vast numbers of volunteers who travelled to flood affected communities informing them of the free food parcels available to them.

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