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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Not Ashamed Campaign reaches Lahore Pakistan.

Lahore Christians not ashamed of their faith!

 In the streets of Lahore this Christian man stands for Jesus!

Is this the furthest the "Not Ashamed" campaign got...?

You may remember my previous post that talked to Christian Concerns work in removing the marginalisation of Christians in the UK:

The ideology behind the Not Ashamed campaign was to embolden Christians and to encourage them to stand up and speak for Jesus.  Although the BPCA recognises the persecution of Christians in Pakistan is severe, we sent some T-shirts provided to us by Christian Concern and sent them to people who said they were proud of their faith and would like to wear their T shirts in Pakistan.  

The T- shirts are not blasphemous in anyway and we believe that the right to hold any faith should be protected in all nations.  We were pleased that Christians in Pakistan showed their love for God by wearing these very fashionable items.

Andrea Minichiello Williams the Director of Christian Concern will be speaking at our 2nd July protest.  She has great love for Christians in Pakistan and will be undoubtedly touched by the Passion for God, that is so evident in these two Christians. 


  1. It takes courage to stand up for Jesus, in Pakistan, doubtless great courage, valour. Stand firm in Him.

  2. Hi Christians,
    It's the worst thing to be a Christian in this world but it's the best thing that can come to a human being, God meeting him/her, transforming his/her life and to recognise that 'I am a sinner and I deserve hell and the great gift of God by giving me free grace and reconciliation to the real, only, true living God through the amazing King of Kings by the power of His shed blood'. Who really can ever love man as Christ?

  3. Praise God for these brave brothers.....what courage to stand up for Christ in this way.They are being so faithful in "taking up their cross daily".I am praying that the Lord truly bless their witness.

  4. Hi
    I appreciate this campaign. However, I consider that merely “showing faith” is not enough, we need to "Live Faith" and it should be our primary concern. It means that our actions and attitude should be as required by our faith. I have observed many rickshaws, cars and other vehicles in Lahore as well as other cities with following slogans:
    *Yesu Badshah Hai
    *Badshahaun ka Badshah Yesu Raja
    *This Cars is protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ
    *Jesus Christ is my Savior
    *Cross painted at the front or at the rear
    *Cross hanging inside the wind screen.
    And many more like these....... but alas, they are the ones breaking traffic signals, violating traffic regulations and doing all sorts of wrong and evil things. I have Christian Malis(Gardener) and Christian driver. Their performance, work and attitude is worst as compared to their counterparts from other community. Moreover, if we get to the root cause of the past blasphemy cases, most of these were started with our own evil actions. It is high time that we” Live our faith” and show others that being children of God we are different.
    The word of God says
    ” Faith without works is dead” James 2:26
    “ Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” Ph 2:5
    God bless you!