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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Will someone protect my daughters...

My heart has been torn asunder after reading some devastating news that Christian Girls are being kidnapped, raped and forcibly married by powerful Muslim landlords and gangs.

Two very revealing stories have described the despicable nature of the acts of debauchery that must have created  great fear and sadness throughout our unprotected communities.

One article posted on Agencia Fides a Catholic blog described several extreme incidents:

Watson Gill described another ordeal in which two girls were abducted from a place called Jhang.

Watson Gill (Amsterdam)
Any hope for the return home of the two Christian girls kidnapped by a group of Muslims? .two Christian sisters Rubecca Masih and Saima Masih kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. both sisters was on way to home when vehicle occupied by  Muhammad Waseem and his five friends pulled them up grabbing them and threw them in and sped off.  Muhammad Waseem marry with Saima Masih the day after her kidnaping. This kidnapping took place in Jhang .Most Muslims are redical in this area. 
For Islam, if woman marries a Muslim, she embraces the religious faith of her husband as a direct consequence.
 In Pakistan forced conversions to Islam, rapes and forced marriages are on the rise. The victims are mostly Hindu and Christian girls, belonging to religious minorities

I myself am the father of three daughters one is 7 years old, the next is 3 and our youngest is only 9 months.  Stories of child abduction and rape in the UK have made Juliet and I very cautious parents.  We drive our children to school and we know it has a safe environment at all other times we are with them and keep them close.  I thank God for the safety we have her in the UK, moments like these create a sincere and strong focus on the privileged life we have in this country.

However, imagine the situation Christians face in Pakistan!  Schools are a magnet for the kidnappers, the sexually depraved and religious extremists bent of the conversion of innocent children.  If a kidnap takes place a corrupt Police force provides no assistance and may often be involved in the illicit activity?   Even when the kidnapper is known the abductor has significant enough influence and power to subvert justice (think of Shazia Bashir RIP).  

Can you imagine being the father of a daughter subjected to such violence and immorality and being unable to stop it happening?  Only recently women were bared naked in Public while their husbands and other men in their family were beaten before them:

These incidents continue despite the international attention on Pakistan and sometimes working for the BPCA can seem a futile process.  But if we and other humanitarian groups go silent then what hope will remain for the weak and helpless Christians and other minorities of Pakistan.  

We ask you to pray for groups for global humanitarian causes, especially protection for the workers who are subjected to threat and bullying as a consequence of their employment.  May God keep them safe and strengthen their resolve we need them.

We also call for you prayer focusing on the persecuted church globally, atrocities like these create low morale, great depression and severe anxiety.  Pray for peace, justice and hope to be introduced to all beleaguered people.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO, No one protect our daughters Because>>>>> Most of our religious Heads and political Leaders are just thinking about theirselves (Un ki ghairat mar Chuki ha) You just think if Christian countries think about christians only 2-3 countries easily can accommodate all pakistani christians. They should make one special rule for pakistani Christians regarding immigration in which there should be only one requirement that a person should be a pakistani Christian no more requirements for pakistani christians immigration so in this way we all can migrate to Christian countries .But its hope less .No one is thinking about it.

  2. Unfortunately, the so-called Christian countries are not always so 'Christian' anymore, not to the extent they were. Still far far better than Pakistan, of course.
    The trouble is, if they adopted these proposals, suddenly everyone wanting to come from Pakistan would be 'Christian'.
    What we can do over here is lobby and educate so that officials know the kind of situation that Christians face, as sometimes they can be ignorant