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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Asia Bibi forced to cook her own food to avoid being poisoned by extremists!

Pakistan's Rosa Parks - Asia Noreen (honorific Bibi)

Asia Bibi the brave Christian mother of 5 children who once eked out a poor but happy existence, through her job as a produce collector on a field in Ittanwala near Lahore, now fears for her life in a Pakistani prison.

Her crime? Nothing more than a proclamation of her faith and the love of Christ her Lord, who paid the ultimate sacrifice in dying for her and the entire human race:

Now in prison an attempt has already been made on her life by a Prison guard who tried to strangle her.  This revelation but with a bounty placed on her head of in excess of $8000, this attack will not be the last she may have to face.

Asia has stayed brave and has been cooking her own food to thwart any potential attempt to kill her through poisoning.

In her first interview since being behind bars she told the Daily Telegraph:

"I am allowed to go out for only 30 minutes every day, and allowed to meet my family for one hour every Tuesday..." 
"I am given raw material to cook for myself, since the administration fears I might be poisoned, as other Christians accused of blasphemy were poisoned or killed in the jail." She added that a prison guard had recently been suspended for trying to strangle her.
The BPCA is calling for Christians across the globe to pray for freedom and an end to persecution for this immensely inspiring woman.  The beleaguered Christians in Pakistan have set her as an emblem of their campaign for justice.  It would be demoralising should she die whilst in captivity.  Moreover it would be a travesty of justice if Asia is kept in prison for longevity or killed under the death sentence ruling that has been temporarily suspended since 2008, after Western pressure for a moratorium.  The president of Pakistan will need to be strong and show great resolve during a volatile time for the nation.  We believe the only sensible solution is to veto her sentence using presidential powers.
Read Daily Telegraph article here:


  1. The inprisonment Asia Bibi is a crime against humanity. This brave Christian woman does not stand alone in her suffering she is one of 100's of Christians persicuted because of their faith by Islam because they refuse to deny their Jesus.
    The Archbishop of Canterbury knows of the suffering of Asia Bibi and her fellow victims of Islamic percicution and does nothing. Why has he not stood in the house of Lords an loudly banged the drum of condemnation so that all right minded people will know about the percicution of Christions at the hans of Islam. But no he stays quiet locked in his ivory tower of accademia.

    Tobias Malachi

  2. Tobias, I myself would ask why the Abp does not chain himself to the Palace of Westminster railings! One thing I know for certain: Asia Bibi has eternal joy waiting just a little while away ... Yes, a dreadful, shameful, shocking affair.