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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


+++++++++++++ UPDATE. We put this up in good faith based on an article in a newspaper. However, it turns out that the newspaper was fooled. The story was a scam, certainly in regard to the daughters' kidnap, and we have been told the father is now under arrest for fraud. We would like to apologize for this, but as I said, it did come from a reputable source. We should like to remind readers that although this incident turns out to be faked, Christians (and other minority groups) do live under fear of the frequent cases of kidnappings and other abuses. We, along with many other people, were caught up in the apparent urgency of this situation, a deliberately faked urgency, probably to raise cash. ++++++++++

We exist to fight for the rights of Pakistani Christians, but there are some stories that are so horrific that we must highlight them, even though they are outside our area of focus. This is one of them, with the additional reason that there is something we as Christians can do to try and intervene before it is too late, and that is PRAY.

The city : Rawalpindi
The prayer need - that the life of a 16 year old Muslim teenager be saved. To wreak vengeance on her father, a terrorist group has kidnapped her in May last year and has said that they will kill her if he doesn't come with a huge ransom he cannot afford.

When is the deadline? Tomorrow.

Why are they doing this? 11 years ago, the retired Muslim army officer, Shamsul Anwar, arrived late at mosque for prayers, went down to the basement to do the ritual washing and found a terrorist about to detonate a huge bomb that would have killed 100's of worshippers. He managed to stop him (especially as he had formerly been in the bomb disposal squad) and detain him despite the terrorist shooting him 3 times in the leg. As a result, 17 of the terrorist group responsible were arrested.

A number of years later, in May 2006 for revenge, they kidnapped two of his teenage sons from their school and threatened to kill them unless he paid a huge ransom. The police wouldn't believe him and ridiculed him for making the story up. Nor were the army able or willing to help. 6 months later, the kidnappers contacted him and demanded over £1 million in ransom, and said not to go to the police or else they would kill his sons. He went to the army, who couldn't help, so he started trying to raise the funds. A few weeks later, the terrorists said he had 'got smart' on him, and so they told him where to find his oldest sons' body parts, along with a DVD showing them cutting him to pieces alive using a saw mill, all in front of the younger son. They then repeated their demand. He managed to find the money by selling his house, his vehicles etc, and borrowing from relatives, and paid the ransom. His son was released to him, but in the year they held him they had injected him with toxic drugs that caused blood cancer.

5 years later, almost to the day, they kidnapped one of his now 14 year old daughters, in May 2011, again from school, and demanded an even greater amount (nearly £1.3 million pounds) for her release. Of course, his resources were exhausted paying the last ransom, and he cannot afford it at all. He has gone to the newspaper, even though the gang has said they would kill her in the same manner if he did so, because he is desperate, there is nothing else he can do as the army and police cannot or will not help, as they are so weak, and the terrorist gangs so powerful.
He has even given his mobile phone number for anyone who can help in anyway. Which we can provide to anyone who can help!

PRAY for his daughters safe return, and for the destruction of the groups of wickedness that do these kinds of things. They will be the same kind of groups who attack and rape and murder Christians and other minorities.

PRAY for forces of law and order to be strengthened, and gain the resolution and the intelligence to act quickly to find and save her.

PRAY for the family who have suffered and are suffering so much.

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  1. May God puts end to Satanic muslim terrorists. There is no life for them in heaven. They live in lie.