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Thursday, 12 January 2012

UK Copts to join us at our Trafalgar Square Peace Rally 10th March

By Now many BPCA members will be aware of the suffering Coptic Church in Egypt.  
Ranbir Singh from the Hindu Human Rights Group has kindly written a few articles 
on our blog (for those of you who may need to catch up), which can be viewed using 
the search facility on our blog.   

With strong determination and a heart for all the persecuted Church, Dr Helmy 
Guirguis who founded a group called UK Copts in 2000 and is arguably one of 
the lead figures for his community in the UK, has agreed to join us and speak 
at our Peace Rally on the 10th March.  Dr GuirGuis will also be bring a Coptic 
choir to perform 
live at our Trafalgar Square Peace Concert.  

His groups The UK Copts Association publishes as an 
informative resource on issues of religious freedom, human rights and democracy 
in Egypt, particularly concerning the Coptic Christian Minority.

Dr Guirguis is existing President of the UK Copts and the Coptic Solidarity 

This is our first collaboration with the Coptic Church and one we are eager to initiate.

Please include our event in your daily prayers.

Learn more about our protest and Trafalgar Square Peace Concert here:

(Click here

Who are the Copts

 File:Coptic Cross Large.png
Who are the Copts:
The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gibt or Gypt. It literally means Egyptian. The Arabs, after their conquest of Egypt in 641 AD, called the population of Egypt Gypt, from the Greek word “Egyptos” or Egypt. The Greek word “Egyptos” came from the ancient Egyptian words (Hut-Ka-Ptah), one of the names for “Memphis”, the first capital of Ancient Egypt. In contemporary usage, the term "Coptic" refers to Egyptian Christians. Today, Copts form almost 13% to 15% of Egypt’s population though they are not ethnically distinct from other Egyptians as they are fully integrated into the body of the modern Egyptian nation

According to ancient tradition, Christianity was introduced to the Egyptians by Saint Mark in Alexandria, shortly after the ascension of Christ and during the reign of the Roman emperor Claudius around 42 AD.
 Main article: Islamization of Egypt

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