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Friday, 27 January 2012

Nelson Christians make themselves heard!

David Dean a man who many of our community could learn from.   Not only does he have undying respect from all the young Asian Christians in Nelson, but his humility has made me a huge fan.  Can't wait to hear him speak at this years event!

Pakistani Christians from Nelson, an ecumenical mix of  Catholics, Baptists, United reformists and other denominations are set to converge with many other Christians of wide diversity - at our protest and peace concert on 10th March.

Last year over 50 people form the remarkably well connected and cohesive Christians in this North Eastern region of Britain joined us, bringing a choir and a whole host of speakers with them.  They hired a coach and had to endure a 5 hour trip to get to London and a similar journey back.

This year they intend to top that number and have already been advertising the event into wider Pakistani Christian diaspora, such as Birmingham, and Manchester.

Leaders from the community there; David Dead, Akmal Zahid and Vinnie Masih (aka the Hoodlum), have invited Wilson Chowdhry to speak at a united service for Pakistani Christians in the area on 5th February 2012.

Wilson will be encouraging support for the 10th March Peace Concert and protest whilst also describing some of the in-roads made by the BPCA over 2011.

Please keep this event in your prayer diary, in particular praying for the continued unity  amongst Pakistani Christians in Nelson and surrounding areas and for a stirring of hearts to occur that will lead many to join our peace rally.

Further details of the Protest and Peace concert on 10th March 2012 can be found here:


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