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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Christmas Appeal Fundraiser for Christian Prison Service.

We received several donations in recent weeks which have been sent without any reference.  We have been able to allocate some of them to our BPCA Christmas appeal for Pastor Javaid and his Christian Prison service.  The total amount collected for them so far is £120.  If you have sent us a donation for this scheme and did not reference your payment please do so so that we can ensure your payment is sent correctly.

Unreferenced donations will be used towards our Peace Concert and protest on the 10th March 2012:

We are still in dire need of contributions towards the peace concert and hope that some of our members can offer some assistance.  Stalls at the Trafalgar Square are being discounted at a cut price cost of £100 if you as an individual or group would like to run a stall at the event please get in contact.

Please also keep the event in your prayers.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Wilson:
    Jesus will say," I was in prison,you came to visit me". This holy verse inspired me at peak that I came to Pakistan to bail out innocent Christian prisoners on false accusation with a team leader
    Kenneth Eric s/o Late Major Eric Joseph.It is an expensive project and needs your financial aid.He will send you an appeal for this purpose.