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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Iran tries amnesia - is Pakistan trying the same? A Call to arms

We take a moment to draw your attention to recent aspects of an ongoing case in Iran, about Pastor Nadarkhani - arrested on apostasy charges 3 years ago after protesting about the fact his son would be forced to read the Quran in school. He has been threatened with the death penalty unless he converts to Islam. After international outcry, suddenly the charges against him were said to have really been rape and 'Zionsim' all along. Most recently, the Ayatollah who is the head of Iran's judiciary has ordered the judge to delay the verdict for one year, and several observers believe the goal is to let the furore simmer down so Christians around the world forget about him, and then he can be quietly executed.

Asia Bibi is in a similar limbo. Originally convicted of 'blasphemy and sentenced to death, the President was going to pardon her, but under huge protests from across the Muslim community
including some so-called 'moderates' meant that idea was put on ice. Some say that we should keep quiet about Asia to allow for quiet diplomacy. Perhaps. Or, it could have the result of making way for her to be forgotten, and for the sharia-fanatics to have their way. For better or worse, she has become the symbol of the oppression of the perverse and perverting blasphemy laws that are used to oppress minorities, to intensify and perpetuate the prejudices and injustices of the last few decades, and are abused to settle personal scores or Christians who get to 'uppity' or 'big for their shoes'. Familiar sentiments for those with memories of the Jim Crow laws of pre-Civil Rights America - it's not for nothing that 2 posts ago Asia was referred to as the Rosa Parks of Pakistan. If you don't know how Rosa Parks is, google her.

If not so much for Asia's sake, then for the sake of all the lesser known names and the past and present and future victims, dead and living, we need to stand up boldly for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and in righteous anger oppose the unjust laws that oppress them.

It is a spiritual battle.

Prayer and persuasion, protest and politicking will be needed.

This is the year! It may well be the first of many years. But this is the year to pick up the pace, to raise the banner higher. I talk to church leaders in Pakistan - they say anything we can do will help. In March this year, there is an opportunity. As we remember the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Shabbhaz Bhatti, who devoted his life to supporting the Christians of Pakistan and opposing the blasphemy laws, let us take up the banner that he held to his very last. Not just one Federal Minister, but a network of stern opponents of the blasphemy laws around the world. Like the fight to abolish the slave trade under that great politician and campaigner Wilberforce, it may last a lifetime, but it is a battle that needs to be fought and won.

Join us. Wherever you are in the world, let the anniversary of Bhatti's death be the occasion to make a stand. Talk to your local and national politicians. Organize rallies. Join with like minded-groups and people. Raise the issue. First of all pray, and rally the church. Start doing it now. In the UK, we will be having one of our marches in London. We want it to be a big one.

10th March. Put it in your diary.

Make every effort to be there. Make every effort to not be there alone, but with as many as you can bring. If you can't go, encourage others you know to come anyway.

As well as the normal protests and petitions at the Pakistani embassy and at the Prime Ministers pile, we are planning on doing a 3 hour peace concert in Trafalgar square. We are looking for great talent, old and new, known and unknown. We already have some names lined up. But a concert costs money for things like stage and sound. If you can help give, there's a donate button at the top right of this posting.

We will also need stewards and ushers to help out. If you can help in this way, get in contact with Wilson - email - or see his other contact details to the left.

If you are passionate about religious freedom and want to get involved as a musician, email myself at, along with samples of or links to your music, and we will consider your request. There's no money in it. You would just get yourself, your band and instruments down here, and pair off with our stage and sound.....

Above all else, PRAY. For the Christians in Pakistan, for Asia, and for ours and other efforts to raise the issue of the blasphemy laws. And pray to for Pastor Nadarkhani in our neighbouring nation of Iran, and remember not to forget him, or those like him.

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  1. Let's be pashionate for Christians suffering in Muslim countries. We should continue contacting embassies and government. It is also good to contact Muslim organizations in Europe and America. Let them know that this is opression of Christians is Satanic will.