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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Appeal for justice for kidnapped son

Dear all I have received the following appeal for justice which we have cascaded to the Ministry of Human Rights.  In the meanwhile, I will keep you updated on anything further I hear regarding the case.  Feel free to share more about this case with me which is printed as received:

November 7, 2010   
Subject: Registration of case against Management of Daewoo Express Bus Service Lahore for recovery of my son who is kidnapped by them and Punjab Police joined hand with accused person.
My son Asher Randhawa was working in Daewoo City Bus Service Lahore, Pakistan since 1999 as senior executive.
During his working in Daewoo, senior management of the company (General manager Manawer Shiekh, Deputy General Manager Khurram Mirza, Manager Accounts Tahir Awan etc) under supervision of Chief Executive Mr. C.I.Kim order him to kill/shoot ex-Country General Manager of Daewoo Mr. Anam Shiekh, who is under suit with Daewoo, they ask my son some other illegal jobs also, which he refused to do. The only reason why they chose my son to do such type of illegal jobs, is that he is Christian and Daewoo management knows that Christians don’t have enough resources to stop them from such type of illegal orders. They also buy a 30 bore pistol with arms license for my son and some other workers. (Annx-1) It Results conflict between him and management of Daewoo Express Bus Service.
On July 6, 2010 Deputy General Manager Khurram Mirza called my son Asher Randhawa and his colleague Robin Paras (an other Christian) in his office and asked them why they did not obey his orders. When they refused to do that, he tortured them with the help of General Manager Munawar Shiekh, Manager Accounts Tahir Awan and some other workers in there so called torture cell (conference room). They snatched their mobile phones and money also. Asher and Robin warn them that they will inform Police about their illegal activities. Deputy General Manager Khurram Mirza and Tahir Awan shoot Asher Randhawa when he came out from Daewoo office at the same day (July 6, 2010). Right leg of my son Asher was severely injured and he was taken to Service Hospital by rescue 1122. An FIR was launched in Naseerabad Police Station Lahore under section 324/337 F-3 PPC against Khurram Mirza and Tahir Awan after long efforts, with the help of Senior Police Officers on July 21, 2010 because police refused to register our case. (Annx-2)
Management of Daewoo Express Bus Service pay heavy bribe to the investigation Police officer Inspector Zulifqar warya to hide the facts of the case. Although, we are complainants but inspector Zulifqar warya called us again and again in the police station, use rude language with us and said that I will revoke your case. How you can fight with a big company. We requested him for justice but he laughed at our request. At last we appeal before Senior Superintendent of Police (Investigation) for justice under dairy # 894 on August 5, 2010 (Annx-3) but no body helped us. On August 25, 2010 we appeal before Deputy Inspector General Police (Investigation) under dairy # 978 but in vain.(Annx-4) Instead of justice, inspector Zulifqar warya called me with my injured son in Police station and threat for sever circumstances along with he said that he will discharge our case. At last inspector Zulifqar warya discharge our case without any investigation and take heavy bribe from Daewoo. We have requested honorable Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Khawja Muhammad. Sharif  under dairy # 1807on September 6, 2010 which is under process. We have also appealed before honorable Chief Justice Supreme Court Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry through courier #51438258 on October 30, 2010.
On July 20, 2010 Daewoo Express Bus Service Lahore dismissed my son and order to deposit company assets including arms license, pistol 30 bore and salary advanced. Along with the help of Police, they started registering bogus cases against my son.
i)                    They registered a fake case at Naulakha Police Station Lahore on September 22, 2010 under section 420/468, 471/408 PPC FIR # 622/10. (Annx-5)
ii)                  Second bogus case was registered at Islampura Police Station Lahore on October 10, 2010 under section 506 PPC. (FIR # 1053/10) (Annx-6)
On October 8, 2010, when my son (Asher Randhawa) came out of session court after interim bail for his case # 622/10 under section 420/468, 471/468 PPC, some wicked people hired by Daewoo Express Bus Service attacked at him and try to kidnap him. My son filed an application at Islampura Police station Lahore at the same day under dairy # 3398-5-BiP dated October 8, 2010, but instead of registering case against Daewoo management, they register case against my son taking bribe from Daewoo on October 10, 2010 under section 506 PPC. (FIR # 1053/10) (Annx-6)
On October 13, 2010, when my son (Asher Randhawa) along with his colleague Robin Paras went to session court for hearing (FIR # 622/10 under section 420/468, 471/408 PPC), Tahir Awan (Manager Accounts) and Mehmood (Daewoo staff) along with six to seven more persons kidnapped them in a car before their appearing in the session court. One of them was wearing Police uniform. I filed an application for registration of case against Tahir Awan, Mehmood and six to seven unknown persons at Islampura Police Station Lahore on October 13, 2010 under dairy # 4054-5-BiP but Police hesitate to register case against them. I filed a petition # 11442 dated October 18, 2010 under section 22A-22B against SHO Islampura Police Station and court has directed him to register the case on October 23, 2010. Direction was duly received by SHO Islampura Police Station on October 25, 2010 under dairy # 4449-5-BiP but SHO did not register case against accused persons. On October 27 2010, I again request the honorable court for help and court order to SP operations concern to take strict action against SHO u/s 155/c of Police order, 2002 and ensuring of order ibid on November 2, 2010. Orders were duly received by SP office on November 4, 2010 under diary # 1587-uspc but no luck till now.   I am afraid that Daewoo people will kill my son.
It is policy of Daewoo administration under supervision of Chief Executive Mr. C.I.Kim, that whenever a worker doesn’t accept their illegal orders, they fire him after torture and register case against him. They have fired many workers like this, draw lot of money from company accounts and use that money for bogus cases and making their own property causing financial loss and bad name for company. No one is checking their corruption of million rupees.
Submitted for information and necessary action.
With best wishes
Sarwat Randhawa

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