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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Please pray for Juliet

My wife Juliet was struck in the eye by some debris from a firework during a private display for her birthday in our garden.  The impact has caused hemorrhaging in the anterior of her eye and she is in extreme pain.  The doctors have said that her vision should not be affected by the incident, however she has been asked to rest for 4 days as there is potential for a retinal tear if her eye is subjected to any pressure.  I have been off work for a few days to look after her and she is still in pain and discomfort.  I believe God can work a miracle and ask that the wider church would pray for a speedy recovery.


  1. Dear brother Chowdhry,
    stay bless in JESUS name.
    first of all it is very sad to here that your wife has been injured during birthday party it is really hard to bear eye pain because of this your whole head stays in pain and through top pain whole body get involved, when ever we suffer in pain we have one doctor who can heal instantly he is LORD JESUS. brother i pray for sister complete healing in Jesus name. Amen Ps Ilyas Choudhry Nawab

  2. Please do ask my Dear Sister Juliet in Christ she must practice calling upon the name of lord "O Lord Jesus help me.
    And I am sure God will listen her Call.Amen
    My prayers are with my Dear Sister in Lord.Amen
    Najum a Pakistani Christian brother.

  3. Poor lady, I hope she is better now and send prayers for her, and many kind thoughts to her.