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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Free Asia Bibi Protest - 4th December 2010

Hundreds rally for Asia Bibi in Karachi (Nov 25th) despite threats of death - will you join a peace rally in the safety of London?

With the eyes of the world on the situation in Pakistan surrounding the case of Asia Bibi, we are stirred by the commitment from President Zardari,  who has visibly indicated that he wishes for justice to be done in her case.  He has commissioned an enquiry via the Minister for Minorities Shabhaz Bhatti that has recommended a full pardon and immediate suspension of her sentence.  President Zardari also stayed the Execution after a mercy plea sent by the Christian Muslim Forum and the BPCA.  The early work has been completed favourably and now is the time for the President to take appropriate action by granting a full pardon.  With this in mind, the BPCA with other Urdu and English speaking churches across the UK has organised a demonstration in London to encourage an expedient decision.  

Asia Bibi the mother of 4 daughters (of whom one is disabled) and one son has been subjected to inhumane torture and abuse all her life.  Co-workers in the falsa filed in which she was a produce collector, refused to drink from the same well as her.  On one occasion they refused to share the water kindly provided to her abusers, as she had inadvertently made it unholy - by being a Christian. 

Asia was beaten possibly raped and saw her children set upon by the same men that had undertaken the diabolical action on her.  This strong, passionate and proud woman has served 1 and a half years in prison on trumped up charges, accusing her of a blasphemy.  Simply because she confessed the love of her Christ for her and her people.

Asia has become a beacon of hope for oppressed people everywhere and an emblem of strength to the cause of millions of persecuted Christians. 

The BPCA wish to support Asia through this terrible trial she is suffering and we plead we people of all faiths to rally to her cause.  We ask that you support this woman in her stand against the formidable foe of oppression, that has consumed much of her joy and that of other people of minority faith in Pakistan.

In an attempt to urge the President of Pakistan to stop delaying justice for this woman we have organised a protest march the details are as follows:

10:30: Set up to the fore of Pakistan Embassy, Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge (feel free to join us and to assist)

11:00: 1 hour worship service
12:00: Submission of petition at Pakistan Embassy
12:00 - 12:30: 30 minutes of political speeches
12:30: Protest march starts and head towards 10 Downing Street
14:00: Arrive at 10 Downing Street - 10 minutes of political speeches
14:10: Submission of Petition at 10 Downing Street
14:15: Volunteer Speakers from amongst the visitors.
14:30: Prayer and close.

Asia has stood up for her faith in the face of much derision and immense torture.  Nothing has made her yield her spirit, courage or faith.  Will you brave the cold weather and reject other commitments to stand and be counted for this woman and millions of other suffering people in Pakistan.

Asia Bibi a giant among woman - Pakistan's Rosa Parks! - Will you join her cause.....


  1. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob reveal His arm and rescue this sister. Amen. Pray people - the demonstration must be a demonstration of the power of prayer and of God. Pray like your life depended upon it - Bibi's does.

  2. Best wishes for your worthy campaign in support of Asia Bibi

  3. I shall be joining you on the 4th December

    Tabias Malachi

  4. I will join you too. We need to talk.

  5. Dear Wilson

    Does your stand has a justification ?

    I do not know the full story but I understand that she was sentenced by a court after full procedure and unrefutable EVIDANCE.. But now the question is that why did She commit this MISTAKE. Did she not know the result of breaking a law ?

    While I was living in Saudi Arabia ( a muslim country ) and in England ( a Christian country ) I was always mindful of the laws of these countries. Why should some one break the laws ?
    I shall be happy to sign this petition if she is innocent of the crime she is accused of and if she is not innocent then why even you should side with a culprit ? Thereby bringing bad name to a country which is just simply imparting justice. Is this attitude fair ?

    I expect honesty and jusice from you and people like you. Just being Christian or a Muslim does not give licence to us to sheild culprits.
    You may use this letter for your blog / forum.
    Haroon Wasti

  6. Haroon,

    Investigations into the FIR suggest that the original story was concocted and based on personal enmity. Moreover, Aasia was illiterate when signing the confession she would not know what she was authenticating. There are deep theological concepts that Aasia is said to have referred to her when debating with her Muslim Co-workers. Aasia is nota preacher and an illeterate woman of her lowly standing would not have been aware of them.

    You will need to make your own decison on what you believe.

  7. In Pakistan, the population of us Muslims is 97% and that of Christians is only 1%. But despite our overwhelming majority, we Muslims never used insulting language or remarks against any holy personality of Christians (or of any other faith). So why is it that Christians always try to insult muslim holy personalities?? Believe me all of you. I have seen such attitude of Pakistani Christians myself. I suggest all the minority groups of Pakistan to mend their own behavior instead of speaking against blasphemy law

    1. We'd be interested to know a few incidents of these 'always' insulting Muslim personalities. Christians are always ACCUSED of blasphemous remarks, but almost invariably they are proven to be false accusations due to personal vendettas against the accused. The only example I know is of someone who was mentally ill.

      Given the constant demonisation - eg a girl accused of blasphemy and her mother run out of town because she put one dot wrong in a test - are you sure your knowing Christians are 'always' insulting Islam isn't a result of the constant perfidity of certain Islamic clerics whipping up mobs on the slightest rumour, however false or flimsy?

      So give examples. What do you describe as insulting? If you mean Christians saying that they don't believe Muhammed is a true prophet, that is just stating a fact of the Christian faith, not insulting Islam

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