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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Death sentence passed for another Pakistan Blasphemy Law Victim/Martyr!

A victim of the unjust and immoral blasphemy Law of Pakistan has now received a death sentence in a court case heard on the 7th November 2010.  This is a kick in the teeth for all Humanitarian and Social Equality groups that have been campaigning for a fairer and more equal Pakistan.  Moreover, this regression lessens the recent gains of potential changes to the Blasphemy Law that are currently out for consultation and the formation of a new Ministry of Human Rights.  Release International who have first proclaimed the news have set up a petition which is listed in the story below.  Moreover we have our own at the top of this blog and would ask viewers to sign this too.  We will be sharing our concerns about this recent legal action with MEP's, MPs, and will be writing to the Prime Minister of the UK.  Please join us in this campaign.


For the first time in history Pakistan has sentenced to death a Christian woman for blasphemy.

The Court of Sessions passed the death sentence on Asia Bibi yesterday evening. Asia, who is in her 30s - was accused under the blasphemy laws of passing derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed.

‘Pakistan has crossed a line in passing the death sentence on a woman for blasphemy,’ says Andy Dipper, the CEO of Release International, which serves persecuted Christians worldwide.

‘Pakistan’s notorious 295C blasphemy laws are wide open to abuse. In effect Asia has been sentenced to death for sharing her Christian faith. In previous cases, the death sentence has not been carried out. But this could well mean a life sentence for Asia in appalling conditions on death row.
‘Christians, as well as other minorities, can easily be accused of blasphemy, often as a vengeful way of settling scores.

‘Release International has launched a petition calling for justice in Pakistan,’ adds Andy Dipper. ‘Please go online and add your name today. We’d also encourage you to write to the Pakistan High Commission in London and to contact your local MP on Asia’s behalf.’

Asia, who is from Ittanwali in Punjab province, laboured in the fields for a Muslim landlord. She was arrested after a heated discussion about religion with her fellow farmworkers. Hers was one of only three Christian families in the village.

Some of the women workers had been putting her under pressure to renounce her Christian faith and accept Islam.

On June 19, 2009, the women pressed Asia about Islam. She responded by sharing with them about her faith in Christ.

She spoke of how Jesus Christ had died on the cross for their sins and then asked them what Mohammed had done for them.

On hearing this response the Muslim women became very angry and began to beat her. Some men took Asia by force and locked her in a room. They used the PA system of a local mosque to broadcast plans to punish Asia by blackening her face and parading her through the village on a donkey.

According to Release partners, a mob formed and Asia was violently abused by Muslim villagers and clerics. Her children were also beaten.

However, some Christians informed the police and Asia was taken into protective custody. Pressure to charge her was brought to bear by Muslim leaders. Sentence was passed yesterday.

Asia was also fined £728 – the equivalent of two-and-a half years’ salary for an unskilled worker.

Release partners in Pakistan say the sentence is a crushing blow for Asia, who was hoping to be acquitted and return to her husband and children. They say: ‘Although Asia has great courage, her dreams of release have vanished now. Please pray for her encouragement, strength and protection.’

Release partners plan to visit Asia in prison as soon as possible.

The Release petition on Pakistan can be downloaded or signed on:


  1. why don't u take all the christians to abroad.

  2. Please pary if you cannot do anything else in terms of legal or financial support and sign the petition.

  3. The US which gives a lot of money to the Pakistan Govt in AID should try to help diplomatically in situations like this where human rights are being violated and the local Govt. is not doing enough to protect the rights of the minority citizens