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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

By the grace of God Asia Bibi will be free.

Soon to be free.

The case of Asia Bibi is still unclear to many but the BPCA is confident of her release.  We have been communicating with government officials and have already informed many of you that Asia Bibi  will not be sentenced to death.  She will definitely be pardoned - if not released on bail and whisked to safety to another country.  CNN have confirmed this very same thing today on their Tuesday News report:

We have been aware that such a decision would be made and have informed you of this from the outset.

We spoke to Ashiq Masih and he was aware of the fact that Asia's execution had been stayed.  However, he is still trusting in God, he was aware that the Governor had seen Asia last week.  He has asked for people to continue praying for the family. 

The BPCA are concerned about the full details of Asia's ordeal as we are not convinced that no sexual assault took place, despite the statement from Ashiq.   Future developments may reveal a more sordid nature to the type of attack this poor mother of 5 has had to face.  Ashiq though friendly seemed fearful and reticent to speak on this matter in any detail.   Ashiq has spoke about his movement form one safe house to the next that has been a real but necessary burden for his family.  His eldest daughter is severely disabled and is finding it difficult but they are doing what must be done to preserve their life.   In the meanwhile incumbent aid agencies are taking their photographs without providing any support in attempts to raise funds in their name. 

Ashiq and his family are surrounded by solicitors and barristers and charitable organisations.  It is difficult to have a heartfelt discussion with him as one of them intervenes.  He is constantly with a Government appointed solicitor who has advised that he is restricted form talking on certain matters as it could jeopardise Asia's case or the potential pardon.  This family needs your prayers and I urge churches up and down the country to continue to keep them in your thoughts.

The president will make the right decision when he finally pardons Asia on the behest of the provincial Governor of the Punjab.  This will be a major step for the human rights cause in Pakistan and will set a positive precedence that will out live his years.

Irrespective of the announcement we all await, I hope that the leaders of Pakistan continue the proposed alterations to the Blasphemy Law that Shahbaz Bhatti has spoken of.   This may be the only way to diffuse the malevolent yet righteous gaze the rest of the world has now set upon the nation.  However, it will not resolve the ongoing intolerance, inequality and persecution faced by the minority population of Pakistan.  It is imperative that Christian groups continue applying pressure so that we can see a more holistic cultural revolution.

********************update 24th November 2010 *********************

I phoned the Presidents suite in Pakistan this morning and enquired about progress in the Asia Bibi case.  The simple response I received was:

"The matter is in progress".  

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  1. Praise the Lord and his Son. This is an important victory but there is still much to be done, 200 million Christians are in imminent danger of persecution in the world. Millions have already been killed.