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Monday, 22 November 2010

Stay of execution is first step to freedom for Asia Bibi!

Many of you will not have noticed the alterations to our weekend story regarding Asia Bibi.  Initially our delegate in Pakistan was informed that Asia Bibi has been set free.  However, in reality after a mercy plea from the BPCA and the Christian Muslim Forum (UK) the president has agreed to stay the execution of Asia Bibi.  We amended the previous story within minutes.  The president is considering giving a full pardon to Asia Bibi and may soon set her free despite the extremist threats that are arising in Pakistan.  Please continue your prayers for Asia.

Here is a link to the letter confirming the stay of execution, received from the Ministry of Human Rights:

****This letter has been temporarily removed whilst we await a formal more public letter from the Ministry of Human Rights.****
Pakistani Media Publications are now stating that Asia is to get a full pardon and we have been highlighting this for a while as our contacts in the Ministry of Human Rights are confident of this result.  Ms Rizvi had ensured that our mercy plea alongside that from the Christian Muslim Forum were copied and personalised to all the appropriate officials in Pakistan.  Including the Governor of Punjab - Salman Taseer - who would have the primary authority in the pardoning of Asia Bibi.  We had invited others to join our campaign by adding the postal addresses for all the figurehead decision makers, within our previous campaign posts.

Our work with the Christian Muslim Forum and the Ministry of Justice was pivotal in bringing about the Stay of execution and I am sure that our joint mercy plea to the Governor of Punjab will also be influential in any decison made  for a full pardon - if reports are true.  

This is still not the end of the battle and all ready extremist groups are challenging the decision to stay the execution.  So do gear up as we could still see a supreme court hearing for this case.  I would urge people of all faiths to continue the prayers, petitions and and other endeavours to bring justice Asia Bibi.

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