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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shabhaz Bhatti calls for full pardon

Shabhaz Bhatti has presented a report to Government today and has recommended a full pardon and suspension of the sentence given to Asia Bibi.   There is mounting pressure on the Pakistani Government from Western Governments and agencies seeking the freedom of Asia.

Today the BPCA board discussed the possibility of organising a protest to the fore of the Pakistan Embassy next weekend and a peace demonstration to 10 Downing Street.  We will be calling Pakistani pastors up and own the country today, to seek their advice and support.

It is imperative that all groups continue the pressure on the Pakistan Government, as although early indications suggested that he was going to make the honourable decison to quash the initial judicial decison, Presidenst Zardari has protracted the final act of annulment, which suggests we must still all be prepared for a more vigorous campaign. 

Asia Bibi is still in prison and reports of the standard of their cells and abuses that occur in them, is reason enough for us to show a continued high level of concern.  The family of Ashiq Bibi are being threatened continuously as more and more fanatic groups and stirring people into an extremist religious frenzy. 

Several protests have occurred in Islamabad, Karachi and Sheikupura that have created a very volatile miasma in Pakistan. 

At the incident outside Sheikhupura District Jail on the 23rd November, it is said that thousands of Muslims reacted to news that Asia was going to be released. The lawyers of Sheikhupura District and Nankana Districts boycotted courts demanding the cancellation of any pardon to Asia Bibi.  It is rumoured that the Jamiat Ulma Islam (JUI) have informed President Asif Zardari that any pardon of Asia Bibi will spark unrest in Pakistan and that they would condemn any decision to pardon Asia. 

Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC issued a statement at the Central Secretariat of PCC at Karachi.  He said:

“We demand repeal of blasphemy law because revision in law will not stop misuse of blasphemy law”

Nazir Bhatti also made and appeal to the Government of Pakistan saying:

"Adopt necessary security measures for protection of Asia Bibi because she is not safe in jail and the gathering of Muslims in front of jail as a consequence of false news of her release, is cause of concern for Christians in Pakistan."

Whatever happens as a result of the case of Asia Bibi the world is more aware of the persecution of minority groups in Pakistan.  The intolerance, injustice and lack of Government support at times of crises has been illustrated and dispalyed to a much wider audience than ever before. This has served to bolster the long ongoing campaign for equality, peace and justice in Pakistan

Our work will not finish after this case as protest for justice and counter-protests for the death of Asia have served to create an increased volatlity and polarisation of its people.  Tomorrow is the Mulsim Jummah I have grave concerns that extremists will use this day in  particular, to thrust their agenda of terror, subjugation and opression on the innocent communities living within their midst. 

Let us pray for a restoration of peace and a spirit pouring of conciliation on a country that is facing another tragedy so soon after the recent inundation.

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