Friday, 16 September 2011

Pakistan's shame - at home and exported

We have highlighted the ubiquitous practice of denying aid to Christians in Pakistan after disasters like the flood. While our focus is naturally on Christians, we have never made light of the fact that it is not only Christians who are affected. Here we have another report about these practices, this time affecting 'scheduled castes' among the Hindu's (ie Dalits / untouchables etc) in the Sindh province. They are denied aid, with Mosque leaders telling them that the food is only for Muslims. They are even prevented from drinking water from the fountains set up outside the camp.


In another report from Africa, we find out about the latest escalation in Sudan. Now church leaders are being threatened with death by texts. Attacks have been made on a bishop's house (fortunately the bishop was away). The texts say they want Sudan to be a purely Islamic state so they want to exterminate infidels and destroy the churches. The recipients are warned that they have been monitored and their 'anti-Islamic' activities observed, and if they don't stop..... The texts are part of a broader campaign, where every two weeks extremists from the fringes of the Indian Subcontinent, including Pakistan, arrive to be trained in secret camps and are then sent out to preach Islam and destroy churches. I have a question of these men. Is your religion so worthless and powerless that the only way it can advance is threats and destruction? Surely a worthwhile religion would have no need of such pathological violence and destruction to advance its cause because it would win adherents by the attraction of goodness and coherent arguments? Jesus (whom you consider a prophet) warned about people like you. He said that you can judge a man (and a teaching) by its fruit. A good tree produces good fruit and a bad one bad. If your ideology produces such wicked fruit of destruction and death, how are we to judge you and it?


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