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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The torture and murder of another Christian

Sunil Masih, murdered for going to the loo
We have received a report from one Khalid Shahzad about the murder and torture of a 25 year old Catholic called Sunil Masih, the only son of his parents. (We have not been able to corroborate the story fully yet - expect more details to emerge). The murder happened near Lahore, at a major annual event for Roman Catholics dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Catholics from all over the country make pilgrimage. The pilgrims regularly walk or bike along the same route.

The report from Khalid states Sunil was found to be missing from his group - he had gone aside to urinate. This year, some Muslims apparently had decided that any Christian who used a particular wall would be 'taught a lesson'. The report is not quite clear as to how close to this wall Sunil was, but in any case, Sunil appears to have been beaten with metal rods and then thrown on the road under a vehicle and killed. According to the report, the police also take the view that this was murder, and not a road accident, although apparently road accident fatalities are common. Sunil's father is ill with a kidney problem, and so Sunil was the families only breadwinner, and they are now left destitute with no support. His mother is said to have fainted at the news of the assassination.

Khalid also charges that the diocese of Lahore uses the funds it receives from this major money-spinning festival to further promote the event, but not to take care of the flock, or to reduce fatalities or give guidance and protection to the pilgrims.


  1. God bless you my dear br.wilson Chowdhry.Dong great blessed.
    alfred george

  2. Thanks for the post,May God bless you and Khalid is right to challenge Catholic Church that what are they doing to protect Christine in those Mulims country? If something happens to one muslin any where in the world, they all stand united for justice. Most 3rd world countries living depends on USA and UK aids. But I never hard any of the christian MP or Government officeal brings up the issue of that hatred againt Christian.

  3. The Lord will avenge his death. I pray for his mother and father as he was their only son. I pray with all my heart and soul for the bereaved family in Christ' name. Lord have Mercy!