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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The well-being of petrol

I do not want to change the world
I will not be able.
The world tried to change me
When I was young.
I tried to be like the other Miss Smarts
But I couldn’t.
I was born in the lap of nature
As the poet says.

My youth has gone
But I am still
A child of nature,
A poet’s child,
A child of beauty.
The one that makes me live
Eternity now!

Maybe you are right.
I do want to change the fate of
Helpless girls:
and forced to marry
their kidnappers.
What a life for a girl of fifteen
In a digital world!
It is not a story I made up.
It is happening in Pakistan!
In Egypt!

I am free
Free to think
Free to say what I think.
Free to choose
What I want to wear.
Free to sit where I want to sit.
Free to love my family.

But for her who is raped
Forced into this marriage
Her mother will never see her again.
She is a living corpse.
She will bear sons for a monster.
Then she will be cast away
Thrown into a well at 25
When we are breathing free here!

For the sake of peace she is forgotten
She is just an isolated case.
Who will bother about her?
World leaders are more concerned about
the well being of petrol.

A salmon rose
In dad’s garden
Now a white rose
On a tomb
Watered by tears
Of a helpless dad
And a hapless mum.

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