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Sunday 4 September 2011

Karachi adoption story - good news for one, but many more girls abandoned

Today there was an article in the Mail on Sunday about a Pakistani woman who adopted a baby girl from Karachi, Pakistan.

The girl is pictured above, in intensive care fighting for her life after probably not being fed for the first few days of her life. The story of her adoption will be shown on BBC2 Tuesday 6th September at 9pm.

The baby was handed in to the Edhi Foundation, who provide a great deal of welfare in the near absence of welfare provisions in Pakistan, running care homes and orphanages, among other things.

One disturbing feature of the story is that baby girls are routinely abandoned on the streets of Pakistan, largely due to extreme poverty, although of course other factors must explain why it is predominantly girls who are abandoned. As we have recently reported, there are also hundreds of thousands of street children on the streets of Pakistan, the vast majority of whom are sexually abused, all too often by the police.

We raise this issue, in case anyone can do any more to help these girls

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