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Thursday 8 September 2011

10th Anniversary of 9/11 what impact did the incident have?

An image that shocked the world!

Wilson Chowdhry has been invited to attend a live BBC Asia Network radio debate on the impact of 9/11 to be held at Tayyab Restaurant on Friday 9th September from 1pm.  In an email from one of the reporters she set out some of the topics for the themed programme:

"here are some brief details for next Friday 9th September. The programme will be live form 1pm-3pm, would be great if you could be involved  in the discussion from 1pm-2pm , if you can stay till 3 then great but I know your very busy and would be nice if you could join us for the  full programme. The show will be reflecting on the issues that have become apparent since 9/11. The areas of topics that we'll be discussing will involve the impact 9/11 had on faith. Whether it reaffirmed faith or perhaps made people question their faith, the issue of growing extremism and whether communities are in denial of the problem, community cohesion after 9/11 and also the role of the media when it comes to presenting Islam."  

Wilson would like to hear from our blog readers what their views on this topic are and encourages comment.  He will use point raised to fuel his own responses on the matter on Friday.  

Many of you will be aware that Wilson is Chairman of Redbridge Carnival which this year falls on the 10th and 11th September.  Nish a Pakistani Christian will be singing at the event around 18:00 - do come and join us at Valentines Park. Ilford - for a fun packed event.   

At around 2pm guest speakers will be talking about 9/11 its impact on Redbridge and the global community, the need for good people to overcome stereotypes and for people of all faiths to unite against global terror and strengthen local ties.  Speakers include:

Upkar Rai - British Sikh Council
Ranbir Singh Hindu Human Rights Group
Rev George Hargreaves - Politics show and Chairman of the Christian Party
Imam Hafiz Abdullah Mohammed - Quran Study Group

A one minute silence will held to commemorate the lives lost to the terrible incident which included people of all faiths. 

Learn more about Redbridge Carnival here:


  1. This is very nice for Uk and Pakistani Charction's.

  2. Devil is the old enemy who can and does use religion to kill as many as he can to fill the hell. But there is always hope for those who are honestly seeking truth and respect the right of God's best creation (Human beings). God believes in human beings but we often don't believe in Him! S. Javed