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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rape a girl and you weaken a family, a community and a nation

I watched the video of the 2 year old girl who was raped because her father refused to become a Muslim. I am glad they are safe in Canada. Our great healer Jesus Christ loves her very much. I pray that one day the Lord will raise up a young man who will love her and marry her because I know in Asian communities, the parents are happy and proud to marry off their daughters to suitable grooms.
However when the Lord Jesus Christ transforms the life of a sinner, he be a rapist, an extremist or someone like the North Korean leader or anybody else, really there is real transformation. I know that whatever happens to that little girl, her hope is that she will have eternal life if she also follows the Lord of her parents. So as Christians born of the Lord, we have to be ready to forgive these evil men behind these evil acts because no man will ever suffer as Christ suffered on that Cross for all kinds of sins, even those mentioned here so as to give sinners who repent life in abundance. It’s such a joy to be called righteous because of Christ and to know He is always interceding for His children before the Father. I think it will be a great joy if anyone among them who has done such evil will become a child of God. This is the power of Christ and salvation.
Rape is not only a weapon that extremists of a religion use; it is also a political weapon. In Pakistan Muslim extremists are using it for a religious cause; in North Korea the families of Christians, former Communists or Christians who are faithful to Jesus Christ endure a lot, systematic rape in dark, dank cells and when the women are pregnant and when their babies are born, their soldiers/rapists wring the necks of the new-born babies before them for these Christian women to renounce Christ. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, rape is an ongoing war weapon. No-one who is born female is spared. Rape victims include infants, teenagers, young women and grandmothers.
Amnesty International has a detailed report on the violations of the rights of  women  in DRC .

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  1. Rape and sexual abuse of any sort, be it to a child or adult should be classified by the United Nations as a Crime Against Humanity. This sort of crime must be given greater weight and the effects of it better recognized for the benefit of all mankind. By increasing the seriousness of these heinous acts a global campaign could emerge which would shame all people committing this act and offering community support to victims. How sad for us all that now perpetrators are protected and victims killed.