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Monday 26 September 2011

Interview with CLAAS

The CLAAS staff interviewed for video

Recently Barnabas Fund released clips from a brief interview with CLAAS staff members about the situation in Pakistan with particular regard to the blasphemy law and rape of Christian girls
: - usually when employed in Muslim houses
: - it renders them un-marriageable in Pakistani society
: - those forced to convert to Islam and marry the Muslim cannot return to their homes
: - they will be killed if they try and 'return' to their true faith
: - their families would be killed by Muslim groups if they accepted the victims back into their homes
: - the incidence of these occurrences is probably wildly under-reported - many do not get to the police stations and courts
: - usually the case is closed after 2 or 3 months
:- usually action is only taken due to pressure resulting from exposure in the International media
: - the perpetrators are usually influential Muslim families who beat the girls to intimidate them
: - if they fall pregnant due to rape, the courts can really do nothing to help at all, even if they wanted to
Here is the article and the video is here but also embedded below :

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