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Sunday 11 September 2011

Under-reported news from round the world

Scald marks on Christian convert Afghan Asylum seeker

Often we complain about events concerning Pakistani Christians that should make the news, but don't.

Here are a few under (or non) reported news items from round the world. First up is the report about an Afghan convert to Islam who fled and sought asylum in Norway. There in a Norwegian asylum centre, after deducing he had converted to Christianity because he did not fast during Ramadan, other Afghan asylum seekers decided they had to 'enact jihad', so they grabbed him, knocked him to the ground with a pot of boiling water and then poured it all over him. The convert, 'Ali' (not his real name, which he refused to give, due to the danger of further repercussions in the asylum centre!) was taken to hospital, while the his room was trashed. When he came back the next day and tried to enter his room, an acidic substance had been smeared all over his door handle. Ali and the other Christian converts are fearful for their lives, even though they are in a Norwegian asylum centre - the Muslims have determined to kill them. There have been reports from time to time of similar sentiment against converts to Christianity in the UK asylum system. In matters like these, Western politicians should heed the teaching of Jesus - that mercy be shown to the merciful, and the corollary, as stated by Jesus' brother James in the New Testament - 'judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.' James 2.13 and also the parable of the wicked servant. Those who engage in such behaviour are not worthy of refugee status and should be forcibly returned to their countries of origin in response to the contempt they have shown for the mercy shown them. Story Source : Barnabas Fund

Another story I have been watching for a while, and is only just starting to come to light a little in the Main stream media is the Zimbabwean governments war on the Anglican church in Zimbabwe, primarily because it is Anglican - eg deemed British. Of course, this violent regime has been attacking churches and pastors of all stripes, but there is a particular campaign against the Anglican church.

Finally, and I haven't seen this even in Israeli media, but a friend visiting Jerusalem has said that as the news came of the storming of the Cairo embassy, the Palestinians in Jerusalem have been letting off fireworks in celebration and throwing parties. Tensions are high, he says. Echoes of 9/11 - remember how the Palestinian street reacted then.... Palestinian society desperately needs Jesus to save them from this wicked and evil culture of death and anti-semitism. Ditto Egyptian society, and Pakistani society, and.... the list could go on....

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