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Friday 30 September 2011

Half marathon legend earns donation from BPCA

In August we informed you of the Half marathon legend of 72 Dildar Hayat Khan who is the oldest known Pakistani Christian Runner our group is aware of.

Dildar ran a Half marathon nearby the Olympic site and collected a well earned donation of £20 from the BPCA as reward for his efforts.  Inspiring men of his calibre are what our next generation need s to be made more aware of so that we can grow as a community.

Dildar has promised his charitable collection to a group that will provided apprenticeships to Christians' in Pakistan.

Hi Running inspired Wilson to join a local park run scheme and at the ripe old age of 36 Wilson achieved a time of 21minutes 35seconds for a 5K run.  Wilson intends to run a half marathon soon to collect funds for the BPCA.  Wilson said;

"At 72 years of age dildar has shown our community how commitment and dedication can achieve great things.  Let's see if his inspirational performance can challenge our community to live more health lives.  After all the bible tells us the body is our temple!"

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