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Sunday 25 September 2011

Aslam Masih, another martyr to the wicked blasphemy laws!

Aslam Masih

Yet another Christian has died in terrible conditions as a result of false charges under the depraved blasphemy laws. Aslam Masih, 30, died being after kept in atrocious conditions in prison, and then denied the medical treatment he needed.

He was originally accused of blasphemy by members of the conservative Islamic group Tablighi Jamaat. He was in the prison hospital for several months but was not taken to the general hospital for the care he needed due to 'security concerns', although eventually they relented, but too late.

When he was visited by a human rights group towards the end of July, he had a high fever, was unable to stand and struggled to breathe. He had tuberculosis, but the autopsy stated that his death on 9th September was due to dengue fever, a disease entirely curable with proper medical attention.

 Unfortunately he lost contact with his family, who did not visit him after his arrest in 2010. This had a huge effect on his mental health. He, like others in the prison accused of 'blasphemy' was kept in solitary confinement without access to a toilet, water or electricity.

 He was also denied basic sanitary products like soap, toothpaste and clean clothes, and this barbaric treatment contributed considerably to his decline in health.

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