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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Asia Bibi's family and the Islamicist Vice

We call for renewed prayer for Asia Bibi and her family. Even while still unjustly kept in prison under a death sentence based simply on prejudice (Muslim colleagues in the fields reported her after she dared to touch and drink from the same water bowl as them and the ensuing confrontation) and malice, the death threats continue. A Muslim leader has offered a 4 figure (dollars) reward for her death, and in prison she eats only the food her husband can bring, to try and eliminate the threat of poisoning. Thousands of Muslim fundamentalists are holding the government to ransom, trying to get the death penalty carried out, and opposing the just international efforts to reverse this unlawful and wicked perversion of justice.
In addition, the fundamentalists are issuing death threats against her husband and daughters (including a disabled girl) and against her wider family. They are especially threatening to kill anyone who tries to get in contact with the family, reports the local church minister, Kamran Michael. Evidently the idea is to exert psychological pressure and a sense of isolation on the family. Even if messages can't get through, our prayers can.

Thanks to the Christians in Pakistan website for alerting us to this issue

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