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Saturday, 20 August 2011

'The Way to survive in Pakistan'

We received a request to publish this article in an email from the author, signed off
In His Grace
Riaz Anjum Advocate
Chairman Pakistan Christian Movement

We include this, not necessarily because we agree with everything in it, or even its overall solution, but to give voice to Christians from Pakistan. Here is the text of his article 'Way to survive in Pakistan' (I have edited it a little to improve the English, but I hope I have preserved all the nuances of his meaning faithfully).

It is beyond any doubt that the progress of communities, nations and countries has always been result of collective efforts of its individuals. Only nations, countries and communities whose individual members prefer their national interest over their personal interest can be successful in the social, economic, and political fields. Take, for instance, the example of Israel which does not have much in the way of natural resources but has the best human material. Her individuals are very much passionate about their nation. Israel's influence on the politics and economy of the world is due to her extraordinary human material and the passionate sacrifice of her citizens for their country. The level of passion for Israel is such that a Jew living in USA ,UK or in any part of the world is as committed and true to Israel as a Jew who lives in Israel. This kind of passion makes Israel a power of the world.
We are living in the modern world of 21st century and we all know that it is world of biotechnology, genetics, engineering and space science, but Pakistani Christians are worried for their bread and butter and basic education. Christians have been exploited both by Christian politicians and the Pakistani Establishment. On one hand the Pakistani Establishment kept Christians in deprivation by making discriminatory laws and on other hand Christians Politicians failed to deliver and change the destiny of the Christians of Pakistan.
Blasphemy Laws have damaged Christians psychologically, socially and and economically. Due to the failure of Christian leadership and the attitude of the Pakistani Establishment, Christians are leading a very miserable life in Pakistan. The activities of Christian politicians have always been confined to development work to do with street cleaning and sewerage. Christian young people have not been given jobs in governmental departments. Representation of Christians in civil and military departments isn't even nominal. There is not a single Christian Ambassador, nor Judge of the High or Supreme court, nor chairman of any department of Government - if there is, it's just an exception. It seems that it is the policy of state establishment that they will not give any important seat to Christians in Pakistan. In Pakistan Christians and Muslims are considered two separate nations due to their difference of religion. Christians are very far behind in almost all fields of life compared to Muslims in Pakistan. The cooperation of the international community has not been encouraging towards Pakistani Christians. The International community has been supportive of Christian NGOs and churches but has never been supportive of Christian politicians in Pakistan. We must know that a strong political party and a true, visionary and brave leadership can change the destiny of Christians of Pakistan. The solution of all the problems of Pakistani Christians is to organize a major and strong political party which can defend the rights of the Christians of Pakistan, able to force the government to repeal the Blasphemy laws and can change the destiny of the Christians of Pakistan. Christians of Pakistan and overseas Pakistani Christians must sacrifice for the collective cause - like the people of Israel - and help Christian politicians in defending their rights. The international Community should support Christian political parties and Christian politicians because only a visionary, brave and foresighted leader can do miracles for his nation and can change the destiny of his people. This is not only a ray of hope for Christians of Pakistan but also the way to survive in Pakistan

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