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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Christians beaten in Abbottabad for Watching 'Jesus film'

8 days ago, a group of Christians were attacked and beaten by a Muslim mob. The church in Abbottabad, near Islamabad, was a Full Gospel Assembly church, according to reports. They were watching the film 'Jesus' when the extremists attacked them, beating church workers and smashing up the projector. Police intervened, but (now here's a surprise!) no arrests were made.
It seems that the attack was because a Catholic priest had been arrested earlier because he took a friend to view the nearby compound where Bin Laden was killed (funny that, I don't recall hearing any of the many Muslims who came to the site being arrested!). Because the priest was deemed to have 'transgressed' the extremists felt justified in attacking a completely different Christian group.

Typical. Rather like the totally fictional 'torture of Coptic converts to Islam' provides an excuse for Iraqi terrorists to attack Christians in Iraq. Any excuse and none at all will do.

Sources say that the city of Abbottabad only has about 150 Catholics, and only three in the region of the city were Bin Laden was killed.


  1. This is absolute bullshit. One has to work out a strategy to overcome these troubles.

  2. This is totally unfair. I am worried what is going to be our future when it comes to basic human rights.