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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

John 3:7 - who are they?

 Brothers in arms...
 Brave men challenging for God's kingdom on Earth.
If the streets seem empty it is because this group worked long shifts (image taken 2am)...

I have been in Scotland for the last week visiting castles, the Scottish Parliament and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whilst there I saw a group of people walking around with large yellow signs that said John 3 7, confused by the boards I decided to question them on what they where doing. I realised there was some Christian principle behind what they were doing as the reference seemed to be a scriptural passage indicator.

A few of the members of the group advised me that they were a group that started in Ireland and that they toured events using the boards as an opportunity to conduct outreach.  You can imagine their pleasure when I told them I was Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association.  My cousins and I enjoyed a good 20 minutes in their company and they have agreed to bring 40 members to our next protest on the 3rd March 2011.

This group although pentecostal in nature and members collaborated with the Church of Scotland to organise this outreach at the centre of the Edinburgh Fringe on the Royal Mile.   We prayed with them before leaving and it was so remarkable how God can remind us of his presence in such a pleasant way that it accentuates the joy's of holidays and tripos and gives them a deeper spiritual meaning.  I cannot guarantee that God wanted me to meet with this group, but I can conform that I believe he did.  I can also conform that I believe this hard working group will be a real blessing at our protest and that their mission is one I support.

The verse referred to on their placard reads as follows:

Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’"

The group is struggling to gain bibles for distribution and I am wondering if anyone reading this could advise of any that are freely available or purchasable at competitive price.

I read up about them on Wikipedia the report there is small but very interesting:

(Click here)

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