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Friday, 12 August 2011

Christian Shot dead in Karachi by land grabbing militants! Arnold Archie Dass (AKA Tony) RIP

Image of Watson Gill who 
A 38years old Christian man Arnold Archie Dass was shot dead by a militant group in Drigh Road Karachi on the 8th August 2011.

Mr Dass was a resident of Drigh Road Cantt Bazar area that was one a prominent Christian enclave, he was travelling home by car during a hot afternoon, when “unidentified” militants started shooting.  It is reported that they had been laying in wait  for him near Hazara Chowk. 

Local people describe Hazar Chowk and Natha Khan Goth as very dangerous places for Christians residing on Drigh Road Karachi. 

The killers fled the incident and managed to get away without any resistance. It is purported that Mr Dass received bullet wounds near the area of his heart. He was originally in a very critical condition but died whilst in transit to Hospital.

Asia News reported on the story:

Until the 1970s, Drigh Road was a Christian colony, built by Catholics employed at the nearby Air Force base. It was meant to be an area for Pakistan’s minority Christians. However, with the expansion of Karachi International Airport, land values rose exponentially, making it attractive to rich Muslim landowners and real estate developers.

Beginning in the early 1980s, Christians have become the target of violent attacks. Many families were forced to sell their homes for a pittance. In a few years, Muslims have taken over the old Christian enclave.

Following Arnold Dass’s murder, police opened a file against persons unknown. However, the victim’s relatives complain that the police refused to find the names of the gunmen despite the presence of dozens of witnesses.

Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest city as well as its most dangerous. A recent survey indicated that 800 people were murdered in the first seven months of this year in sectarian and political violence, including targeted killings and large-scale attacks.

Watson Gill from Holland described contact with the family (sic);

"I spoke with victim’s cousin Mr. Norman Dass on phone and He told me different story about Arnold’s murder. That militant gang who is involved in this murder is well known in Drigh Road, Hazara Chowk, Natha khan Ghoth, Shah Fasal Colony. But Police has registered First Information Report against unidentified gang. Those militent groups are harassing several Christians in the area . And Christians are forced to live in that area." 

Police of Shara-e-Fasal Station registered a case for murder 


  1. he was shot dead by snatchers of mobile phones.

  2. Dear friends, Land Mafia, Mobile snatchers and Robbers, when they rob someone of his/her valuables, Land or life, they don't care about their religious believes. There have been more killings of Muslims by these people then Minorities. Suicide Bombings in churches and temples are not that common as suicidal attacks in Masjids and Imam Bargahs, infect I can't recall any such event in recent years (May be I missed, pardon if such the case). We love our christian and Hindu brothers and value their freedom of religious practices and I think many of you christian brothers will agree with this who live in Pakistan. Islam says 'Killing of one innocent man is killing the humanity'. People who kill others for some monitory gain or evil purpose have nothing to do with their religious believes even if they are Christians, Hindus or from some other religion cuz as far as I remember, no religion allows the killing of innocents.
    I'm a Muslim and I have some great Christian friends and colleagues. We respect Christians as Jesus (P.B.U.H) was a holy prophet for us as well.