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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pukhtoon Fundamentalist Attacked My Brother this is my Appeal for Prayer and Peace

Ashfaq Munawar another Karachi Christian Attacked for his belief!

I received disturbing news of a man attacked simply for being Christian. This is another attack from the lawless city of Karachi. It is about time the Pakistan Government recognised their responsibility to protect all their citizens. I call on those reading this story to contact your MP's or statesmen from your home countries and to call for a concerted effort to eradicate such obvious human right abuses. The writer says he is the brother of the victim and I produce the story prima facie (sic):

by Liaquat Munawar Munawar Masih on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 10:59pm

On 14th august at 6:30am near sea view D.H.A( defence housing authority ) phase 8,jurisdiction of Durkhshan police station Karachi, Pakistan, Pakhtoon fundamentalists attacked my brother Ashfaq Munawar.

Ashfaq is seriously injured, he has fractures on both jaws, and he lost 5 teeth.

Today 15th august, when he regained consciousness and informed me about his attack. He said;

"I was coming from Sea View the beach site of Karachi sea, after celebration of our country's Independence Day, ( because people's of all Karachi gathered there and celebrate different event's ). Six Pukhtoon fundamentalists stopped me and they asked me if I were a muslim or Christian, I said I am by birth Christian they said,"Kalma Parho" (read the Kalma it's an important verse for Muslims), and become a muslim. I refused, then they shouted at me. I told them I will never ever become a muslim. Then they beat me badly with iron rods and iron hand clips. When I lay down on the floor they thought I had died and they fired into the air with heavy weapons, and also crushed my motor bike with iron rods. They left me alone there as they made a getaway due to the attention the gunfire had caused. Police arrived at the scene they also beat me and took my motor bike to the Police station. They left me alone there. Fortunately one of my neighbour was going from that way he put me on Taxi and brought me home".

I request to all my Christian friends, brothers, and sisters kindly pray for my brother and my family, because we are in trouble my entire family is tense and our organization members are very depressed...

PS. For those of you on facebook, the article is on Liaquat's 'Notes' and you can read the original there.

With NkH

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