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Monday, 22 August 2011

More attacks on Karachi Christians

We have received more information about that brutal attack on Ashfaq Munawar in Karachi from a family member, the Rev Eric Sarwar, that we posted about a few days ago. Further information says that not only did the attackers establish if he was a Christian, but if he was the Rev Sarwar's relative before they beat him and left him for dead. Thinking they had killed him, the attackers fired in the air. When the police came to investigate, they also beat the victim before dragging him to a police station and leaving him without medical attention.
Rev Sarwar asks for prayer for all his family, as they are severely traumatized. Also for the victim's surgery on his jaw which should be in the next few days, and money to help fund the medical bills that will arise.
This is the 3rd attack on his family in just over 2 years. In June 2009, he was kidnapped by armed Muslim fundamentalists, but managed to escape. At Easter last year, there was an attack against his parents and wife whilst he was out of the country.
I have known the Eric for some time. He is a faithful minister of Christ, who has worked hard in a number of areas, including building up the church in Karachi, helping with aid for flood victims, and building up children's work and worship abilities in the church across Pakistan. No doubt this is one reason he is such a target, and he and his family urgently need our prayers.
He has also reported that this weekend in Karachi there has been yet another attack on Christians which has not been repeated in the media at all. Here is what he said :

'A funeral bus full of christian mourners (has) been attacked by open gun fire on saturday at Sohrab Goth, while they were coming from Bhuto colony graveyard toward Ayub Goth. Lots of innocent christians have been injured by open fire. No media coverage and no help & support by any government.'
Please make this incident more widely known. I know there are journalists in national media who read these pages. I know there is a lot going on in the world, but the incessant attacks on Christians in Pakistan and the police brutality needs to be more widely known. We are funding this government to the tune of millions of pounds of taxpayers money. The human rights of Christians and other minorities needs to be a condition of the aid we give, otherwise we are supporting these abuses with UK citizen's tax money by default.

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