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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sohail Nathaniel Another man Killed in Lawless Karachi

Sohail Natahaniel (RIP)

Today the BPCA received a report of another killing of an Innocent Christian in Pakistan from a purported niece.  This is the first we have heard of this story and we are seeking clarification.  However, We have reproduced th image and the original text from the email so that others may contribute more to the story.  If this incident is verified as true the BPCA will be producing a petition calling for the Government of Pakistan to take care of the persecuted minorities of Karachi as a senior priority.  The content of the email are as follows - we have deleted the name of the sender whose details have been provided (Sic):

         this is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from Gujranwala Pakistan. i want to tell you that my uncle sohail Nathaniel was also killed in Karachi as target killing, he was a true christian as he embarrassed that he is christian  while the 30 Pathans of ANP came to his house to kill him. now, i want you to please post his profile that people should know that who was he and how he had died. i will tell you the further information whatever you need i am also sending you his profile.
                                      thanks your in Christ


  1. Among all the termoil in Pakistan it would be interesting to know how the Christian community is doing in general?

    The attendence ,Relationship between Churches and Congregations , Welfare agencies Orhpanages Boarding School Scholarships etc.
    And the Christians abroad How they are helping to uplift the Community in Pakistan.
    Has the unity in the Community come or they are still each one filled with greed and self centredness. Let us think and come up with some plan to get Christian Organizations abroad together like U.K. Canada America Denmark etc with Pakistan and plan to do something worthwhile for the poor needy and trodden Collectively .


    Wilbert Isaacs .

  2. This story is exactly true, one can find the news of this story here: -
    although the government officials and the police claimed that it was a political killing, it never was. No one in a political killing cries out "kill the infidel" and that's what they were saying when they were taking him. He was beaten to death first, even castrated and then was shot enormous times. Was this a political killing?