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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Good news.... sort of

A few months ago we reported on the case of a Christian woman who was kidnapped and raped for 4 days by a man who claimed to be a Major in the ISI.
A retired Brigadier General in the Pakistani armed forces has posted in a human rights group on facebook the following :
'I got this news through the PMRO [the human rights group on FB] and took up the case. I took up the case on 30th April 2011. I have just been informed that the impersonator has since been caught and is in intelligence custody. He is guilty of many other crimes. Praise be to You Oh Lord'

It is good that the perpetrator was arrested, which is very unusual when the victims are Christian. It begs the question as to why the arrest now. Obviously the Brigadier-General's intervention had a role to play, but I suspected that the fact that he had impersonated an ISI officer was significant.
One of the BPCA members had the opportunity to talk to Samson Sharaf, the brigadier-general in question, and he confirmed that the arrest was made because the man falsely claimed to be ISI and brought the ISI into disrepute. The man potentially faces the death penalty if someone presses charges over the rape, but it is unclear if that will happen or not.

For more details of the case as it originally arose, please see this link (bearing in mind it is from well before the man's arrest)

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