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Thursday, 23 August 2012

1 killed, many injured in police backed Muslim land grab near Lahore

Victim of Muslim land grab

We have reports of yet another violent Muslim land grab.  We don't have any further details, not even names of victims.  Once again, influential Muslims have attacked vulnerable Christians to take their land, shooting many - one victim was killed (pictured here), and another was kidnapped, another with serious gunshot wounds, and 5 others also injured.  The crime happened near Phool Nagar, a large town some 20 miles south west of Lahore.  

An FIR has been registered with the police, but the police keep making lame excuses to avoid arresting the influential perpetrators, not least because this theft of 40 acres of land was aided and abetted by police officials, again a far from unknown circumstance.  

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