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Friday, 17 August 2012

BPCA Pakistan and India Independence day celebrations promote unity whilst promoting the positive cultural enrichment that people of these origins have brought to UK.

Literally hundreds of Indians and Pakistani's celebrate Independence day together a first for Redbridge!

Some local Indians brought a huge flag proud of their origins...

Face Painting and Henna Art first recorder in Indian Court Papers in 400BC allowed us to share our heritage culture and joy with a wider audience.

Punajbi music stirred local people into a night of unity and revelry!

Wilson Chowdhry donned a Pakistani flag and Indian flag on each of his cheeks to inspire better unity amongst people originating from the region.

Dholl Players added a extra cultural dimension.

Those that were not dancing sat and enjoyed the night with us.

Even the Police found favour in our attempts to promote community cohesion.

Bhangra dancing was in evidence at our peace event.

Girls and boys enjoyed Henna and facepinting.

People from wider communities enjoyed the day and night activities!

Wilson and Stirling shared the DJ stage.

Children enjoyed the patriotic fervour!

Young lads joined us despite Ramadan wanting to enjoy the celebration of the formation of Pakistan.

Whistles and shouts added to a great two days of festivities!

On the 14th and 15th August 2012 the BPCA led two celebrations to commemorate the formation of Pakistan and India respectively.  Over the two days in excess of 800 visitors celebrated Independence of their nations without argument and in unity.  This was the first time the BPCA held such celebrations and we were told that it is also the forst time that such celebrations had not erupted in argument and dissension amongst the two communities.  To enable such community cohesion Wilson Chowdhry periodically spoke about the valued contributions of both countries to global development; such ads creation of the number zero and other mathematical progress that altered the manner in which we count today, the ancient art of henna body painting first recorded in an Indian Court paper dating to 400BC and the Bollywood Industry.  

On both days Indians and Pakistani's came together to share their passion for their countries of origin.  Even the local Police joined in with our celebrations.

Pakistani Christians contributed much to the formation of Pakistan including 4 members of the Punjab Provincial Government who voted in favour of it's creation as a separate entity from India. It was the forgotten  Speaker of the House S.P. Singha who had the casting vote after a stalemate who in essence was responsible for Pakistan's succesful formation and the video below describes the process in more detail:

Our forefathers supported the creation of Pakistan and despite the persecution and inequality we often face in the country, I feel it is only right to support the decision of Christians back then who believed it could become an egalitarian nation.  We must strive harder to see that original vision of Muhammed Ali Jinnah come to fruition.

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