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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Islamic extremists target champion of Karachi Christians

BPCA have received the following report from Liaquat, who heads up MASS, an organisation that supports and stands up for Christians in Karachi, particular in some of the poorer areas.  Once more Islamic extremists - in this case, the Taliban - show their cowardice and moral bankruptcy by targeting those who peacefully and courageously stand up for those vulnerable people the cowards target.

Dear brothers and sisters of the world,
I have severe life threat from the fundamentlist.The terrorist gave life threat on 12th august 2012 in the P.I.B police station  at 10:30pm.They told me we will kill you and your family.Because you are working for the voiceless christians in Pakistan.the P.I.B police station arrest me and Mr.Raja yousaf Bhatti (senior vise president of MASS),Mr.Nasir Jhon (cultural secretary of MASS),Mr.Talat Mehmood (member of advisory council).They are also get the same life threat in P.I.B police station Karachi Pakistan.
Due to this life threat we cant sleep properly,we cant eat properly,and we cant move properly,we are very depressed and shocked.Our famlies are very depressed and upset,and also our well wishers are very depressed and upset.All peoples of ESSA NAGRI (bigest christian colony of karachi) are depressed because lot of time we forward the applications to police and other authroties.But police and authroties are fail to provide us security.In this bad and tipical situation ,our power is our God.I request to my all christian brothers and sisters,kindly pray for us and our families God will save us.
Yours brother in JESUS CHRIST
Liaquat Munawar Masih



    How Great thou art.Let's sing praises to the Lord for saving us and giving us eternal life by giving His own life for sinners like me and you who deserved hell. If not for the grace of God this is where I would end. So Lord please protect your church, your people in ESSA NAGRI. "Fear thou not for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." This is Our God. He is your mighty fortress. Run fearlessly into His mighty arms. Lord you are their security, their eternal security if they are born in You.

  2. I shall certainly keep on praying for you and for all those, who are under threat. God Almighty is your refuge!