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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Salafists call for murder of Copts, seculars literally crucifixied

Picture from Dostor Watany

The Egyptian Jihad movement has issued leaflets openly calling on Muslims to attack and kill Christians, offering monetary rewards for those who do so.  Already one Christian shopkeeper was murdered in his shop by someone whom the eyewitness said was in Salafi attire.  Christians are living in even greater fear of their lives, and in at least one village, Muslims are openly beating up Christians, destroying their shops and ransacking their properties, and promising to kill any Christian who dares step outside their houses.  The police typically did not arrive until the damage was done.
According to one Copt who was beaten up, a known felon on the run came into the shop and after taking a pack of cigarettes, refused to pay for them, and instead demanded a large 'tribute' in payment, and when the Copt shopkeeper refused, the felon came back with various cousins and other thugs and seriously beat up the Coptic family, burned a number of stores or cars, ransacked homes and even stole the ownership deeds for Christian properties.  Local Christians are scared because thugs and felons in the area own machine guns.  The police did nothing.  Well, actually that's not true.  The police didn't arrest any of the perpetrators, but they did arrest and take away three of the severely injured victims before they were fully treated.  The village is 80% Christian, making it a target for extortion by kidnap and threats of violence.  After many requests for help, the villages demonstrated outside security / police buildings.

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In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has started systematically targeting their ideological opponents in the media - the secularists.  Despite assurances that no media outlets would be shut down, at least one TV station that exposed Islamicist agenda's and actions has been.  Mobs of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have surrounded TV stations and beaten up prominent journalists and prevented them from entering their workplace.  Even more horrifically, when secularists and opponents of the regime protested outside the Presidential palace, they were surrounded by busloads of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who attacked them.  Arabic Sky News reports - and other sources confirm - that the attack was with knives, sticks and molotov cocktails, and that the MB mob actually stripped some of their victims naked and crucified them on trees in the square, leading to two deaths and many dozens injured.
In addition the supposedly 'moderate' Al-Azhar Islamic university and authority has called for more suppression and violence, saying that it is a religious obligation to fight against and attack anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in a planned demonstration this Friday.


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