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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Rimsha trial delayed, medical report says is 14

Rimsha medical report - unverified

The above is said to be the medical report about Rimsha.  We have thus far been unable to independently verify it, but it's content matches what her lawyer says the medical report concluded - namely that from medical examination, they believe her to be 14.  This is higher than the church records which state 11, but it is significant, because it means she is officially acknowledged as a  minor.  They also stated that she is uneducated and that 'her mental age appears below her chronological age'.  

News just in that her trial has been pushed back to 1st September.  Please pray for her.  

Update.  Also the prosecution lawyer has challenged the medical report, calling for another one to establish 'the facts' and asserts that Rimsha fully knew what she was doing and claiming that the 'religious sensitivities of all Muslims had been attacked' - so he is opposing her bail application.  


  1. To all those who may be concerned .The legal battle must be fought and won to the last point.

  2. LAHORE: The head of Pakistan’s leading body of Muslim clerics Tuesday came to the defence of a young Christian girl accused of blasphemy, demanding her case be handled fairly and impartially.
    posted by atta taken from Daily Dawn
    this link has been given in your email but this is the only link nobody can open.....i do not know why.........i would suggest you Mr Wilson .....the only service we can do to humanity is to kill hatrerd .in this way we can develop harmony among the masses ...working in hospitals and looking after patients in london could be a dream of every pakistani ..whether muslim or Christian...hope you got the point. i am really concerned about your different campaigns .
    May Allah bless us and guide us all amen

  3. Harmony can not be achieved till law of Jungle rules.
    Only a society where rule of law exist can create harmony among masses.That is what the Christians wish for Pakistan