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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Imam who charged Rimsha says she was involved in 'conspiracy'.

Hafiz Khalid Chishti, Imam who had Rimsha 
arrested, claims she engaged in 'anti-Islamic conspiracy'
Photo : AFP

The imam who handed over 11 year old Rimsha to the police insists he saved her life from the mob, but also says that she was quite mentally capable and sane and that what she did was designed as a 'conspiracy' to insult Muslims.  He also says this wouldn't have happened if Muslims hadn't stopped local Christians unspecified 'anti-Muslim' activities earlier.  Typical Islamist bull - blame the victims - in this case twice over.  It's all Christians fault!  Of course.  Perhaps the 'anti-Muslim' activities were the fact that those dirty contaminating Christians breath the same air as Muslims?  Or go to prayer meetings?  Or stand up for their rights?  Or, God forbid, sit on land that Muslims would like to use for profit?  
Now, if - and it is a big if - this young girl did what she was supposed to have done, which was burned some pages of a booklet teaching Arabic that had a few verses from the Quran in it, it is clear evidence that she either did not know what it was she was burning, or that she was not mentally capable.  Why?  Because from the earliest age, Christian children, living in a climate of terrible fear, imbibe the fact that they must not do anything like that, for fear of this kind of backlash.  
So once again, the victim is blamed for the mobs demonstrating on Islamabad's streets, the cries to burn a child to death - and remember, just a few weeks ago, a mentally disabled Muslim land was indeed dragged from a police station by a mob and burnt alive in the street - for the beatings of family members, for the burning and looting of houses.  Blame the powerless, blame a little girl for engaging in 'conspiracy'!  Typical Islamist lies from the cleric.  
Pakistan, have you no shame, and no brains?

Reports also say that the mob blocked the main Kashmir highway in Islamabad for hours, calling for Rimsha to be hanged.  

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